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Sweet 16 Party

Hollywood Party 16yr - Walk of Fame




Rudy in Gillette, New Jersey


November 2006



We made our daughters sweet 16 party a Hollywood theme party. I purchased a bunch of movie posters on Ebay store Postersagogo and glued them on the 30 X 40 inch Foam board (5 USD at Staples) and placed them around the room for decoration.

I used black tablecloth and sprinkled Silver Star confetti on them. Or use alternate black and gold tables cloth or gold plastic plates on black tablecloth.

We had fake Oscars for Best Dressed, Best Dancer, Cutest, etc and made it a real awards ceremony. We created each guest a Hollywood Walk of Fame star and had him or her stick it on a mockup walk of fame (Hollywood signposts) while being photographed by fake paparazzi.

We created a slideshow presentation of our daughter which we showed just before we awarded her with a Life Time Achievement Award. We pre-recorded her grand parents through the phone and pretended we interviewed during the show in a life satellite feed.

We also put together a Hollywood Trivia, which the guests filled in during dinner and gave out socks to dance on, since the dress code was semi-formal and all the girls came on high-heel shoes.

Catering for this age group is real simple. Go to your local Italian and have them create you big bulk of pasta, meatballs, chicken Parmesan. Kids love that stuff.

Don't forget the red carpet entrance with lots of light (use the halogen work lights from Home Depot) and a E-photo opportunity booth where the guests get interviewed about their upcoming movie.

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