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Sweet 16 Party

Musical Night - Candle Lighting Ceremony




Tammie in Red Springs, NC  USA


January 2007


Honorable Mention

My daughter was born with spinal menengitis.  She has faced many challenges in her life time.  Doctors predicted a @10-11 year life span.  Well, my God saw different!  She just turned Sweet 16". My daughter has overcome many challenges and thru it all she remains in good spirits and has a song in her heart.  She loves music so I gave her a musical night to remember! 

To begin with I came up with a "Big Star" theme.  Since this was her big night to be on stage I created an invitation that was made just like a ticket stubb (ie tickmaster)very detailed.  You had to have a ticket to enter the show.  Which was about 150 people.  I took her to a photo shoot and had portraits made so I could display them throughout the venue.  I designed programs that had her on the cover and a full layout of the mc candlelighting ceremony special guests and a power point presentation. 

Along the back was a poem my sister-in-law took the liberty of writing that was totally heart-wrenching.  The program was carried out like an awards show.  I rented a limo to bring her to the party because every star has a limo.  The venue I rented was decorated just like an auditorium.  I had a huge flashing light sign out front "Appearing tonight...PAIGE'S SWEET SIXTEEN BASH".  Once she arrived in the limo I had photographers and a camera guy with a host of "Fans" waiting by the RED CARPET to greet her. 

As soon as she stepped out of the limo lights camera action!  She was totally blown away!  As she made her grand entrance the song "Big Star" by Kenney Chesney was playing.  It was awesome! After the introduction we began the party!  The MC opened up with a few jokes just like at an awards show (was really kool).  We began the candle lighting ceremony first. 

Upon lighting each candle (16) the MC would announce the candle that was to be lit (ie 1st 2nd etc) and whomever was a very significant part of that year in her life she would  open the envelop and announce who the secret yet special guest was!  Some were family members and others were friends and some were teachers etc.  Throughout the ceremony some guest performed. 

All the music that was played during the program I went to Wal-Mart and bought blank CD's and I got a CD Stamper and made soundtracks of the program and put her face on the front and gave them out as party favors and door prizes. Of course she autographed them!  I also made copies of the portraits and let her autograph them and she passed them out the same way! After all every star has to have memorabilia. 

As for the food/beverages it was catered with an beautiful display of meats veggies breads fruit punch fountains with running punch (blue because that is her favorite color) and beautiful ice sculptures!  We had a frozen drink bar (non-alcoholic) with cocktail glasses that was real sassy! 

After the candle ceremony the power point presentation and the food it was time for the finale.  Since my daughter loves music her favorite show is American Idol.  Well just so happen one of the contestestants was a local and is a very dear friend of mine so she made a special appearance!  Her name is Charlie Lowery!  That was kool.  But to top it all off....my daughters favorite singer is Country Artist Tim McGraw. 

No we're not life styles of the rich and famous and spending $200000 on an appearance of Tim McGraw....ha ha ha.  But we did the next best thing....I hired an impersonator and he was TOTALLY AWESOME and no one was aware of that "SUPER-SURRRRRRPRIIIIISE!"   My daughter does not know to this day that it was an impersonator. 

I loved it the crowd loved it but at the end of the day my daughter had the most wonderful bithday ever and she is so worth every penny every moment and  every tear I shed putting this special day/night together.  May God richly bless you and your children's life and don't take them forgranted for we are only a vapor in the wind!      "

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