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Sweet 16 Party

Winter Survivor Luau  - Virgin Coladas & Daquiris




Dorselm in Pittsburgh, PA USA


October 2006



I am giving my daughter a Sweet Sixteen Winter Luau!  The Luau is going to have a Survior Theme to it.  There will be various tasks that the guests will have to complete. 

The link to the Survivor game is http://www.partypantry.com/themes/survival_game.html.  On the outside of the entrance there are going to be two tiki torches with red and orange tissue paper in them to simulate fire.  Above the entrance will be an Aloha sign.  Inside the entrance, my sister will be dressed with a grass skirt and a beautiful floral lei and she will say "Aloha" and hand out the leis to the incoming guests who will have on summer clothes. We live in Pittsburgh where the winters are cold so it should be fun to wear shorts in the winter. 

There is going to be a pathway of hisbiscus flower designed lighted paper bags leading to the tiki bar. I found the paper bags at orientaltrading.com and they are going to have tea light candles in them. The guests will go to the tiki bar which will have a grass skirt around it and some flowers on it and they will drink virgin bahama mamas, pina coladas and daquiris out of colorful margarita glasses. 

Also beside the tiki bar will be an appetizer table decorated like the tiki bar with finger foods for the guests to nibble on while they wait for the "Sweet 16 Island Princess" to arrive.  The place will be called "The Island of Taya Waya"(a name given to my daughter when she was a baby, her nickname is Tae Tae). 

She is going to be Island Princess Taya Waya decked out in the head band lei, the necklace lei, the coconut bra and the grass skirt.  She will come to the party late and when she walks in I will sprinkle flower petals on the ground for her to walk on   She will walk to her table which will be decorated in pretty flowers and there will be  two big balloon bouquets on each side of the table. 

There will be palm trees and hawaiian girls on the walls and aloha signs.  The ceiling will have bright streamers twisted and hanging from the middle to the different corners.  The table centerpieces will be coconut cups with hibiscus flowers on the side of them and hibiscus floating candles in them. 

The food will be summer foods, potato salad, wings, baked beans, chicken kebobs, fruit kebobs and  sandwiches with the crust cut off.  There will be a full sheet birthday cake decorated with hawaiian theme. 

The party favors will be pineapple cups filled with pineapple candies.  The pineapple cups have lids to them.  Attached to the stem on the lid of the cup will be a little note saying "Aloha -Tae's Sweet 16 2006.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

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