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Sweet 16 Party

Pink & Orange 16yr - Chocolate Fountain




Sue in DuBois, Pa   USA


March 2006



So my daughters sweet sixteen is coming up and she wasn't sure what she wanted to do for sure.

First she was thinking about a beachy kind of theme but she decide she wanted something a little more simple so she decided to go with a hot pink and bright orange colored theme. CUTE!!

First for the invitations we used a drivers license, we put her name and sweet sixteen and the address of the club under the photo part of the license, for the  "Driver license number" we put her phone number, for "Class" we put V.I.P and for "issued" and "expired"  we put the times of the party, 7pm and 10pm, it looked exactly like a drivers license but had all the party info on it. VERY CUTE!! I bought all the plates, napkins and tablecloths in orange and pink too. 

Next she decided she wanted a chocolate fountain but she wanted white chocolate instead of milk chocolate, not everyone likes  white chocolate so we decided to use a small fountain for the white chocolate and a larger one for the milk chocolate. We are having strawberries, bananas and pretzels for dipping. Instead of a cake we are making cupcakes with fluffy pink and orange frosting.  We are also having a dj for everyone of course.

For the decorations I got about 120 pink and orange balloons, I'm putting about 5 per bunch ( I made my own weights out of pink and orange tissue paper, big heavy bolts and pink and orange curling ribbon ), some white lights and some crepe paper.

For the card box we used just a niced sized cardboard box but we used tissed paper to decorate it and how we did that was…..remember in elementary school you took one inch squares of tissue paper and twirled them around the end of your pencil, dipped them in glue and stuck them to your project?  That’s what we did with the whole box ( in pink and orange paper of course).  CUTE!!!

Another nice idea we came up with was to get a piece of posterboard and get photos of your child through the years and glue them on the posterboard, decorate a little, and take some glitter pens and have each guest sign their name on it and maybe leave a little note for the birthday girl. Nice to look at years from now.  CUTE, CUTE CUTE!!!

For the drinks I bought the little 8 oz. cans of soda and small bottles of water so there isn't so much waste. Very simple, pretty inexpensive, but very cute.

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