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Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Awesome Formal Ball




Vanessa in Newark, Ohio USA


March 2006



I think my daughter had the most awesome Sweet 16 party ever!!  Everyone had so much fun!!  We wanted a formal so we named it "Natalie's Sweet 16 Ball"

The invitations were light pink cardstock with a piece of velum over the writing put together with ribbon.  I had ordered special stamps with her picture and the words "Natalie's Sweet 16", also the return address had her picture on it. We sent out about 70 invitations to friends and family.

Then we had to find the perfect dress.  We thought she needed to be kind of the princess for the evening.  The dress was white haltar with beading and all over the top.  The bottom was huge with tons of tewling, GORGEOUS!

We had made a CD with all her favorite music and a CD with all the fun dance songs.  WE rented a very nice room with a huge fireplace in a park.  We rented a sound system with CD player.  The decoratioNs were beautiful just like a wedding, the food buffet was done up beautifully by my family and friends.

All the girls wore prom type dresses and the guys had dress pants and shirts. Each place setting had a Reeces candy bar (Natalie's favorite) with a sticker on the back with her picture and a thank you for coming to her party.  After the food I had already had 16 of Natalie's closest friends and some family write up a little something why they loved her and/or memory.  Natalie sat in the front while I read them and as I read each one they came up and gave her a rose.  It was so nice. 

We had a few of her friends that play guitars and keyboard and sing do a song; they did a song that was her and her boyfriends song, it was very touching.

Then we had the gifts, we saved our gift till last, she had it in her mind that she was getting an Ipod so we had a box with a see through lid about the same size wrapped.  She opened it and saw a key with a a cute keychain.  She just froze and we thought she was going to faint.  She said what is this.  Everyone said open it.  She opened it and held up the keys, everyone screamed and cheered.  We had everyone else go on out and in front of the doors we had her new Jeep Cherokee with a huge red bow (I borrowed from a car lot).  Then she came running out!  It was awesome.  Everyone was surprized!! 

Then they all came back in and we had cranked the music and they danced to Macerena, Electric slide, Cha Cha slide, Hokey Pokey.  They had a BALL!! The young cousins were all dancing with the teens, it was great.  WE were the DJ so we could play whatever and say whatever. 

Then she had a lot of the girls just come home with her and have a sleep over.   We got it all on DVR, all the kids are dying to come over and watch it.  We got great pictures too.  What a great night for everyone!

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