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Sweet 16 Party

Phantom Masquerade Ball 16yr - Black, Silver, Gold




Shawn in Cooper City, FL  Broward


May 2006



For my daughter's sweet 16 in April, we had a Masquerade Ball.  It was themed around "the Phantom of the Opera" with a reniassance flare (like from "Ever After"). 

We rented a hall from the local city, hired a DJ, which is her Girl Scout leader so it wasn't expensive.  She picked the colors of black,silver, and gold.  Everyone who was invited was to wear those colors.  My daughter was the only one dressed in white.  I made her dress and wings. 

I searched the internet over to find websites with masks for our guests to wear. 

We printed the invitation on the computer, We made all the favors, which were votive candles with a glass votive holder wrapped in tulle with a black ribbon tied with a thank you charm. 

The center pieces were glass plated spray painted gold with a pillar candle, and a few silk greenery leaves.  I put gold and silver wrapped kisses on the tables as well. 

We had a buffet style dinner that I made myself.  Baked Ziti, Alfedo pasta, grilled chicken, salad and rolls.  I made a powerpoint presentation to show her through the years.  Her boyfriend escorted her into the party room (we kept her hidden until her entrance) The first dance was with Dad. And then the dance floor was opened. 

We rented the hall from 4pm-midnight.  The party started at 6.  We purchased a sheet cake from the grocery store in her party colors.  We had balloons filled with helium in the same party colors.  Everyone was to come dressed in "black-tie optional"  which meant comes dressed like you are going to a prom.  Suits with jackets and ties, formal type dresses.  Everyone come dressed to impress!!! 

I also made a few other costumes to go with the theme.  My other daughter was a gypsy as well as her best friend.  I also made one of the girls a Tavern wench costume.  I did just about all of the work myself so I really didn't spend as much money as you might think considering how well it came out. 

Everyone who attended had a great time.  And now I am planning the next one for next year.  I'll probably be back to post more!!! 

Oh and btw, I'm an event planner and bridal consultant.  So I did my very best to save as much as I could!  I'm just starting out and thought this would be the best place to start!  My daughter's sweet sixteen!

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