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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -12yr- Balance Beam Challenge




Jodi in Lebanon PA


March 2003


Special Mention

Survivor Party - 12 year old -  A friend's son is turning 12 and he wants his party to be cool :)  He loves Survivor. 

We are going to have 8 boys total, when they arrive they will pick a bandana out of a box that will determine their tribe.  (The more kids you have, the longer this will take, so be prepared!!)  We have a million video tapes ready, so that I can be the part of "Jeff Probst".  I have a speech written out that they will video tape me doing. "These 8 men have been stranded in the --- Family Yard.  Competing for a grand prize of one dollar and the title of sole survivor.  They will have to build their own civilization, find shelter, and compete in challenges that will test them not only physically but mentally as well.  Two hours, eight men, ONE survivor" and then cue the music.  How cool will that be on tape!  Flashing on their faces during the music like the beginning of Survivor episodes.  

Then they pick bandanas out of a box and that's their tribe.  We have 2 borrowed tents that will be their shelter once they figure out how to put them together. We also give them a flag that we made in the color of their bandana and have them make their own tribe flag, they will also make up their name, which should be amusing.  Well tack the flags to large sticks to put up outside of their tent.  

Challenges - First is a puzzle one, We got the cheap kiddie puzzles at Walmart, 3 for $1.00 - 2 sets of 3 puzzles(the same puzzles for each team) and mix all their pieces up so they have to complete 3 entire puzzles with all the pieces mixed.  First one done wins immunity.    Then whoever loses immunity goes to tribal council, get some tiki torches and they can have the parent light them while they sit in the circle - OR if parents would be freaked by fire, then just have big sticks with fake fire attached. 

I made parchment paper for them to write their votes on (crumble up a piece of printer paper, flatten and tear off all the edges.  Then soak in 1/2 cup cold tea or coffee for 5 minutes.  Blow dry.  Will give it the aged look like on the show) Let them vote, video the entire thing.  Before they vote I am telling them that this is being taped to watch later so nothing hurtful can be said!!  Person voted out goes back to the tent, but then they all go back there anyway so that person isn't left totally out.  

Next challenge - the eating challenge.   Cover up plates full of different things.  Some good, most bad.  Have them one at a time come up and point to a plate, we uncover it and they have to eat it.  One point each time they eat, and if they won't eat or can't finish, then they get no points.  Team with most points wins immunity.  One of our plates will be creamed corn, another will be a gummy rat, some kind of nasty baby food, maybe black licorice.  We're trying to figure out how to somehow color some mac and cheese to be pink and "mold" it to look like a brain.  But cheese might not be able to be pink since it's already so dark.  I dont know what else would hold it together but not be too gross :)  

Another challenge I thought would be hysterical on tape for them to watch later would be that one where you pass an orange using your neck?  This will be their "finding food" challenge, as they will get to keep the oranges they get in the bucket if they win.  They get in line, first one puts an orange in his neck, they have to pass them down the line and the last person puts the orange in the bucket.  If they drop it in the middle of the line, they have to get a new orange and start over.  If they throw it at the bucket and miss, it doesn't count.  Do it for like 3 minutes.  Team with most oranges wins immunity.    You could even make one of the challenges be their shelter if you wanted. but I thought it would be fun for them to do on their own just to have more time with everyone in the game. 

Another challenge is just going to be on the balance beam outside.  They stand on one leg until everyone on their team falls.  Last team with a member standing wins immunity.  We're trying to incorporate last week's Survivor immunity somehow because with boys it will be a BLAST to watch on tape later - where they hung the leg of beef and they had to tear of chunks with their mouths and put it in a basket.  When they got it stuck in their teeth and another tribe member had to pull it out of their teeth with THEIR mouth, I thought that was a riot.  They'd be in tears watching that back later!! 

We just haven't figured out if we can pull something like that off yet since we need a substitute for the beef.   We have a few more challenges to figure out (number of challenges will vary with how many kids are there) but when it gets down to three left, we're giving them a 10 lb. barbell, and making them hold it with one arm above their head.  Person who lasts longest wins final immunity.  

Then of course let the jury vote on the final survivor, present him with a dollar and a trophy saying "Sole Survivor" and "Justin's Birthday Party, 2003" or something like that.   They're sleeping over that night, so what fun will it be to watch their tape back!  I've got a million tapes so that I can make copies of it for everyone to have one to take home the next day.  They will also get to take home their bandana and torch and a TON of awesome memories they're sure to talk about forever!!!

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