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Survivor Party -10yr- Tribe Assignments from Bucket




Laura in Mankato, Minnesota usa


March 2003



For my daughter 10th golden birthday we had a survivor party.  She really enjoyed the show and it was really easy to come up with ideas for.

To start off we invited 9 other friends ( to total 10).We bought bandanas at a local hobby lobby store,5 were tie died blue and green and 5 were tie died red orange and yellow. As each of the friend walked in the he door they put there hands into a wooden bucket and without looking blindly picked out a color. 

We had also made tiki torches.  We bought the torches also from the local hobby lobby store along with beads in the matching colors of the bandanas and some raffi. I decorated each tiki torch in the right colors ( 5 in red orange and yellow and 5 blue and green) with the beads and raffi. Then on business card paper I printed out cards with the appropriate color and palm trees on them and tied them with the raffi to each tiki torch. then I took empty fruit and vegetable cans and ripped off the labels and painted each can in the appropriate colors. When they dried I put each tiki torch in the appropriate can and I filled it with quick dry cement. They were dry in 10 minutes! Then when each of the girls had picked there bandana out of the bucket they picked a torch with the matching color and we wrote there name on the business card to know whose was whose. They got to bring these home to keep.I also made flags for each team.

To keep it inexpensive and more survivor looking I cut one of my husbands old white t-shirts in half and made each side a rectangle.  Then I took the paint that I used to paint the fruit and vegetable cans and painted each flag the appropriate colors. I found that if I put a big drop of one collar on each side and sped the paint from that spot out it made a ripple effect. I ended up with 2 flags that looked as if they were tie died.  Then in black paint I wrote the names of each tribe in the  middle. I used the names from the first Survivor show.  Then I bought bamboo sticks (also from hobby lobby)and stapled each side of the flag to two different sticks. Then I repeated the same process as the tiki torches and filled each can on the sticks with cement and then the flags stood on there own!  We also bought inflatable palm trees and put one next to each flag to make it look more island like.  We hung a big fish net over one of the windows and stuck crabs and fish and starfish in them(fake of course!)We went to a local nursery and they let us have old tree stumps for nothing! So we put 5 on each side of the room and a bunch of sticks in the middle piled up to look like a fire. Each girl sat on a stump with her tiki torch behind her and her bandana on her head with there flag in the back ground and it looked so real! 

For games I sent each parent a sheet of paper asking very specific questions about each girl.( the color of there house, their shoe size, their parents names, there pets names etc.)We only stuck to questions that were facts.I made tribal note books for each girl.  I ripped( to make it look more tribal) card stock into 4s. Then I punched holes in the top (2)and put 10 pieces together.  I painted (with the same paint I used before)another sheet and put it on top. I tied them together with raffi and beads also so that they matched the torches and the flags.I bought each girl a pen that had a necklace on it ( in matching colors)and handed out a notebook and pen to each survivor. 

And then began the game. I would ask a question like whose house is painted green? Then the girls would write on one sheet the name of the survivor whose house they thought was green.  And then they would close there notebook. When they had all finished writing I would say SHOW and all the girls would open there books and show everyone.  Every person on the team that got it right won 5 points.  There were a total of 10 questions.  At the end of the game the team with the most points won.  We had a big bucket and if your team won the challenge you could write your name on a sheet of paper and put it in the bucket twice.  If your team lost you could only put your name in once.  This was from each game we played. 

Another game we played involved giving each team a bag full of a bamboo stick,a long string, a Magnet, and a roll of tape.  Ahead of time I had printed fish off my computer and wrote the letters S H E L T E R on two different sets of fish and then I Laminated each fish.  A inexpensive way of doing this is to use contact paper. You can find at any local Wal-Mart. I then attached a small magnet to the back of each fish. I had two small pools and I put one set of fish in each pool magnet side UP.  I told the survivors first they had to assemble the fishing pole using all the materials provided and then when they were done they each had to at least catch one fish.  When all the fish were caught they had to figure out what word all the letters spelled.  The first team done won and got to put there name in the bucket twice. 

The next game we put a big sheet of paper ( I got from the local newspaper free of charge when they found out what we were using it for)across the entire table. We sectioned it off into 10 squares in each square was a different food and a number 1-10.They were foods such as  a raw piece of potato, a jar of baby food, a brussle sprout, chocolate covered gummy worms( but we told them they were real ones)etc. We had the survivors spin our numbered wheel( an old spinner from a board game that we numbered)and whatever number they landed on they had to eat that item.  Each survivor that ate there item received 5 points and the winning team once again got to put there name in the bucket twice. 

The last game we played I had decorated 20 empty pop cans with simple tie died paper and tape and wrote each survivors name ( on the appropriate color) twice.  Then they were lined up on a big log. We lined the girls up and gave them each 2 rubber bands. The object was to shoot off any ones from the opposite team.  When all the rubber bands were gone each team got 5 points for each still standing can from there team.  And again the winning team put there name in the bucket 2x and the loosing team only once.  Just a hint the cans should be lined up alternating team colors to make it more interesting. Lots of the survivors actually hit off there own teams cans on accident. 

And last but far from least I found a Town group that had there own rock wall climb you could rent for 2 hours with an instructor on hand.  We brought the girls up and they were each harnessed up and able to climb the rock! None of the girls had ever done this before!  We told the girls if they attempted at all to climb they could each put there name in the bucket twice!  When all was said and done we came home and pulled out the bucket!  Shook it a few times and drew a name.  And that person was the ultimate Survivor! I made them a painted T-shirt that said "I am Mankatos Ultimant Survivor"  (that's the name of the town we live in)I also made them a beaded necklace with all the colors of both teams on it.  We had a immunity idol that each winning team got to hold though the next game if they won that was also given to the winner. 

The kids loved the team flags so much that they asked to bring them home so to make it fair we just picked names out of the bucket again and they could pick what they wanted.  We didn't make bags for each kid but they were all so happy bringing home there tiki torches, bandanas,notebooks and pens that they were extatic!By the way the cake was decorated by making each side look like the flags we mad with little toothpicks holding up miniature flags with the names on it and candies made to look like stumps with a small fire in the middle.  Well I hope this gives someone a few ideas! Good luck!

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