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Survivor Sleepover -12yr- Tiki Torches & Tent




Katie in Pennsylvania


July 2003


Special Mention

SURVIVOR SLEEPOVER 12 yr. (outside event)I thought I would share my ideas with you.

INVITATION- To save money, we made them on the computer. They were printed on blue paper that had fish on it. The read: Come to a Survivor Sleepover! Then it read time, date, place, etc. They were instructed to bring a sleeping bag and pillow, and a bathing suit. 6 people received an invitation. The 2 tribes were divded into groups of 3, and I was the host.

DECORATIONS- We didn't do anything to fancy. Balloons and streamers were on the porch, in the tribe's colors. (yellow and orange) A plastic painter's tarp, (purchased at hardware stores) was "the ocean", and we bought 4 tiki torches at Bed Bath and Beyond Theday was divided into 6 challenges. The first thing we did was have a welcoming ceremony. We told each guest what tribe they were in, and gave a brief description of what we would be doing that day.

SCAVENGER HUNT- The tribes had a scavenger hunt. The clues, (which were written by me and my mother) each had something leading them to the next one. The tribes looked for their color of ndex cards until the were lead to the prize. Prizes were bandanas in their color, and disposable camera for each person. The film was to be used by the end of the party. (next morning) Also included was a note from me telling what we would be doing next. For this game, the tribe that found theirs first got 2 points, and the other got 1 point.

TRIBAL DANCE- This one was really funny. The tribes, again on the same teams, each made up a tribal dance. The could be silly, sophisticated, or just plain weird. They performed for my mom and I, and we voted on who got what points. Again, the points given were 2 points for the winner and 1 point for the other team.

EW, GROSS!- This one was an eating challenge. We set out 8 paper plates on our picnic table outside, and on each one was a gross food item. Then we placed another paper plate on top of it with a number on it. (We made sure they couldn't see what was under the plate.) There was a cup filled with numbers 1-8. Each girl, taking turns, picked a number. Then she took of he plate with the corresponding number to reveal the gross thing. If she ate it successfully, she got 1 point for her team. If not, she didn't get any points. The points they had at the end of the game were added to the teams' scores. Here are some ideas for food: anchovies, brussels sprouts, spoonful of peanut butter, spinach, herring, blue cheese, and tomatoes, just to name a few.

WATER BALLOON TOSS- Each team was given a water balloon. They had to toss it around in a ircle until it broke. Whoever took the most time to break theirs got 2 points and the other team got 1 point.

WATER BALLOON FIGHT- We just had a water balloon fight. No points were involved.

LIFEGUARD RESCUE- A Plastic tarp as laid out to resemble the ocean. Many things were "drowning in the ocean" and they need t be rescued. Items in the ocean included: my old Barbies, fake dog poo, miniature cars, and little people. It was funny when we showed each other what we picked up afterward. Each item had a point value. Owere many point they racked up were added to their score.

DO YOU DARE?- We went on the porch for this one. There were two benches set up around a "campfire". The campfire was a pullout advertisement from the June/July issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. It was for SMOR'Z cereal. I used that, (it really looked like a fire) and arranged sticks and rocks with it. Anway, we played Do You Dare? By filling a box with dares we had written. Each person picked out a slip and did the dare. The team with the most successful dares got 2 points and the other got one point.

OTHER GAMES- At night, of coure we played Truth or Dare, Impressions, Nail Polish Hot Potato, and the Mummy Game.

FOOD- For dinner we just had pizza. Snacks were gummy worms, chips, pretzels, Doritos, popcorn, and grapes. Dessert was an ice cream sundae bar, since I don't really like cake that much. We set out 3 different kinds of ice cream, sprinkles, choclate syrup, and smashed Oreo cookies. For breakfast we had donut holes and orange juice.

MUSIC- We played Ashanti, Michelle Branch, the radio, JLO, and whatever else we had.

SLEEP- We slept in a tent outside.

OTHER THINGS- We had purchased these things from Paper Factory at a luau sale. Orange napkin, cocktail parasols, balloons, streamers,plates with a tropical design.

FAVORS- The favors were the cutest charm watches we got at Fossil outlet for $6.99! And the sticker was still on that said they were $40! We also gave candy and lip gloss, and the bandanas were theirs to keep. They were put in tote bags that we decorated. See below. 

CRAFT- The craft was decorating tote bags with fabric markers. We put our designs on paper first and then drew tem on the bags with the markers, an used stencils as well. They were later used as bags for the favors. See above.

BYE- Thanks for reading my Survivor Party Idea! I hope you liked it.

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