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Superhero Party

Super Hero Party 3yr - Obstacle Course




Chas in Fort Collins, CO USA


February 2008


Honorable Mention

My 3 year old son loves superheroes, so that became the theme for his birthday party. 

INVITATIONS:  I created an invitation which contained a picture of my son in his superman costume in his superman decorated room.  The invitation said Calling All Superheroes".  "Meet us at the Superhero Headquarters for a Super fun time." (Mountain Kids dance preschool etc. facility). "Feel free to wear your favorite superhero costume."  For the personalized replies I put - Guests "All Superheroes" Yes = "I'm on my way" Maybe = "Kryptonite has slowed me down I'll let you know No = "Sorry I've got work to do". 

DECORATIONS:  We had Spiderman table clothes Superman plates Batman napkins Spiderman cups and Pictures of villains and superheroes all over that we had print off from the internet. 

ACTIVITIES/AND PARTY:  When the guests arrived we gave them each a cape that I had made and a mask to wear.  They were allowed to decorate their capes if they wanted with their own personalized emblem.  When all the guest had arrived in capes and ready - we proceeded to the gym where I had Superhero theme songs playing on the cd player. 

We had set up a Superhero Obstacle Training Course.  My daughter (the big sister) was given the special role of "Super Big Sister" which meant she lead the obstacle course to show everyone what to do.  This obstacle course was HUGE and had bat tunnels bat caves Superman forward rolls Slide down the bat pole Building edge walking Spiderman web flying (between "stepping stones") Dodging bad guys Hulk Jumps between hula hoops Flash running etc.. 

Following the obstacle course we went to the foam pit to practice our flying super jumps swinging from bars into the pit like Spiderman super throwing and any tricks they came up with and wanted to show us.  We then went over to the trampoline where we practiced super jumping super kicks in various different ways we came up with as well as other ideas they came up with. 

We then moved to the dance studio for our Spiderman Training Camp session.  This is a bought DVD that practices different Spiderman moves with Spiderman.  The kids learned things like web slinging different Spiderman ducks jumps punches kicks and after learning the moves they get to do a "mock fight" with Venom.  The kids loved watching Venom come at them then having Spiderman tell them what move to do and then Venom reacted.  Now we were ready for some

GAMES:  The first game was with balloons.  I had a bag full of balloons there was one red balloon with each kid's name on it there were several different colored balloons and several green balloons.  The kids were told that when the balloons were let out they were to "Save their red balloon with their name on it" "Pop kick or punch the bad guys which were the different colored balloons" and "Stay away from the kryptonite balloons".  The kids had a blast with this game!  Our next Game was that each kid was pretending to be Spiderman.  They were each given a can of silly string and this was their web.  They were to go around and find all the pictures of villains and web sling them.  The kids again giggled and had a blast making a mess of all the villains with the silly string. 

SNACKS:  Following the games I told the kids it was time to fill up with Super Snacks from all the hard work they did fighting the villains.  We moved to our Preschool room.  While I got the snacks ready each kid was able to color superhero coloring pages I had printed out from the internet for them.  I had made each one of them a packet of about 8 superhero pages to color and take home with them. 

My son does not like cake so instead we had Justice League graham crackers I made "letter C" cookies (my son's name is Collin) and told them it was like the "S" on superman's chest - they were super "c" cookies Superman ice-cream and red fruit juice that we called Spiderman juice.  After snack we opened presents - each child was asked to use their super strength and deliver their very important package to the birthday boy when it was their turn.  Following presents it was time to go. 

FAVORS:  The kids took home their capes masks coloring pages and a goodie bag that was filled with a superhero puzzle Spiderman fruit snacks Spiderman tattoos superman stickers and a superman pencil. 

THANK YOUS  I sent batman thank you cards to our guests and each card contained a picture of all the kids dressed in their superhero capes & masks as a group while doing a superhero pose of their choice."

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