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Superhero Party

Super Hero Party 4yr - Balloon Stuffing




Kristie in Aurora, Colorado USA


November 2008


Honorable Mention

For my son's 4th birthday party we did a superhero theme. My son's favorite superhero was superman. 

INVITATIONS: I made them on the computer. It said Top Secret Document across the top and bottom with a superman logo in the middle. I also put the watermark classified" underneath the following text. Then went on to say Do you think you have the skills that are vital to be a Super Hero League (SHL) member?  I think you do. I am inviting you to my Secret Super Hero Training Facility to see if you have what it takes to become a super hero.  The Fortress of Solitude is conveniently located at (our address) just 1 mile north of the Bat Cave.  Training begins at 13:00 hours on (date). Please come in your Super Hero uniform and be prepared to work hard.  P.S. Since telepathy is not one of my powers please call my supermom to RSVP.  P.S.S If your arch nemesis has stolen your uniform just tie a pillow case around your neck and use your mom's mascara to make a mask.   I had a bunch of legal sized manilla envelopes to I cut them down to size put the invitation inside and paper clipped each child's name to the front.  So it looked like a miniature classified folder. 

DECORATIONS: I found a great full size wall cling of superman flying thru the air which we put up on our biggest wall.  I made several signs out of large paper in blue and red that read POW! ZAP! BOOM! like in the comic books.  We used red and blue plates napkins and tablecloth. I also sewed 16 superman capes before hand for each child to wear at the party and hung up around the room as decoration.

GAMES: All the kids showed up in some type of costume.  It was really cute especially the little girls because they came as cinderella with a cape and princesses with a mask. As the kids showed up they decorated "power" bracelets (which I cut out of foam sheets with pinking shears) and masks (oriental trading company). Once everyone had arrived we went out back and had a huge thing of balloons rigged up and told them they had to catch all the "bad guys" (balloons) and sit on them before they got away. (Balloon popping is always a huge hit at kids parties-I recommend incorporating it any way you can).

After that I told them that the Lex Luther had come by our house earlier trying to foil the birthday boy's plains and hid Kryptonite (rocks I spray painted neon green) all over the back yard in an attempt to make superman "aka birthday boy"  too weak to enjoy his party.  They had to search out all the kryptonite and give it to me so I could dispose of it and we could continue with our party. Now since the kryptonite did make superman a little week the kids had to help him get his muscles back.  We put the birhtday boy and his cousin in extra large adult clothing and they had to stuff them with balloons (to resemble muscles.)  This was hilarious.

Last we had to do the physical training part.  I made an obstacle course which included a bat cave (large boxes with a door cut out of both ends spray painted it black downloaded images of bats cut those out and sprayed bat figures on the caves and hung the paper bats on the inside). We made tall building out of legos that they had to leap over and then they had to grab a can of silly string and spray the bad guys (superman's nemesis that I drew really big and stapled them to paint sticks and planted them all over the ground). So the children had to make it thru the bat cave by crawling leap over the tall buildings and destroy the bad guys with silly string. 

After all the kids did this they were all inducted into the superhero league and they each got a necklace that I made from cardboard gold card stock and fat ribbon that read "Superhero" across the front.  We went inside for cake.  I made a superman emblem cake.  Turned out really cute. For the goody bags I got lots of superhero items batman stickers superman candy spiderman flighlights and so on.  The kids also got to keep their capes.  Everyone had such a great time. "

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