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Superhero Party

Training Camp 7yr - Web Blaster Game




Joy in Lebanon, IL USA


November 2007


Honorable Mention

My son was turning 7 and couldn't choose between the super heroes.  So we used them all. 

The invitations were sent as challenges; if they were strong enough, brave enough, and wise enough to be a Real Super Hero.  The party was during the evening so be provided the dinner. 

All Super Heroes need to keep up their energy with good food.  We had Two Face Dip- 2 different dips, Penguin Pizza Pups- hot dogs, pepperonis, and cheese stick wrapped in French bread dough served with pizza sauce for dipping, and Mr. Freeze Slushes- punch that we let come just to freezing.  I printed out picture of the characters with the name of the item printed next to them. They were folded and set next to the item.  I have to say that my husband did a wonderful job on the table decoration.  He just took black yarn, taped it over the table so that it looked like a star burst.  Then he started in the middle and wrapped it around each of the strings until the whole table looked like a spider web. 

After we eat it was time for the training.  I printed out pictures of different villain and taped them around empty water bottles.  We had 1 Litter bottles at the house.  We added a little water to the bottle to help keep them up and make it a bit of a challenge.  We then use a playground ball and Bowled Over the Villains". 

The next step was the "Web Wall".  I used a roll of brown packing paper that you get to ship packages then I drew rectangle bricks here and there to make it resemble a wall. With pictures of The Green Goblin I taped them all over the paper.  I had also purchased some silly string and covered them with labels reading WED BLASTER and a picture of Spiderman throwing a web.  All the kids had to do was stay behind the line and shot the villains.  They loved it!

The next game was my son's idea.  We cut out the Bat Symbol out of black paper.  then taped them to the floor in a circle.  We played the Batman theme and the kids walk the symbols like musical chairs.  We didn't have any winners.  The person out got to run the music.  While we were all down stairs "training" my friends were upstairs cleaning out the dinner and bringing out the cake. 

I didn't put much time into the cake this year. So for those of you who don't think you can do it All I did was cut a sheet cake in the shape of Spiderman's face and covered it in red icing.  I then used the black gel and made a web on top.  I cut 2 eyes out of black paper and put them on the cake.  After cake and ice cream we opened gifts.  My son brought down his Spiderman blanket and laid it on the love seat. 

One at a time the kids brought their gifts up and sat next the birthday boy.  This is great when it comes to thank you cards.  You know who gave what gift and they get a picture with the birthday kid.  My son then handed out the "Certificates of Completion".  Each one had the child's name on it. Stating that he had completed the necessary requirements and is here by now a Real Super Hero.  It was then Signed by my son. 

To entertain the kids while we waited for the parents we played HEROS (BINGO). I printed up card that has different characters on them.  All card had the same picture in different orders.  I then printed out all the pictures.  The kids were given a playing card and a pile of pennies.  The Birthday kid started the game by pulling a picture card.  The kids covered with pennies.  The winner of that game got to pull for the next game.  The kids had a blast. 

The cost was low most was printed out and the cleanup was easy.  Even that silly string swept up easier then I thought it would.  I have to say that one of the reasons our boys loved it so much was because all of them were military brats.  They know about soldier's training and that their dad's are Real Heroes.  We were all over seas at the time so what was available to me was limited.  I still wonder who had more fun me or them.    "

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