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Superhero Party

Super Hero Party 4 yr - Pass the Kryptonite




Kristie in San Marcos, CA USA


September 2007



My daughter turned 4 this year and wanted a Super Hero party, yep a girl super hero!  It's not easy finding girl super hero invites, so I decided to make my own invitations on card stock paper.  

I found an image of Supergirl on the internet and pasted my daughters face over Supergirl's using paint software.  The front of the invite said It's a bird, It's a plane, Its Super NAME.  Inside said Calling all SUPER Friends!  You're urgently needed for a Birthday Bash!  Come join us for a Super Hero Training Camp to Celebrate NAME Birthday.  I go on to say training begins at and give all the details of the party, along with notifying the Command Center of attendance.  I also pasted a picture of the Justice League (found one on the internet with Wonder Woman in the forefront) on the inside along with decals saying POW! BAM!, etc.  I also bought Super Hero stamps from the post office to mail the invites with.  The party started at 11:30, so we started off with lunch, plus it gives people time to arrive at the party before the games begin.  We served a large 6 foot Super Hero" Sandwich for the adults.  And the kids had Wonder nuggets (Chicken nuggets) and Super Dogs (mini corn dogs).  I had made little flags to note the names so that each attendee would become their own Super Hero at the end of the party.  

The area was decorated with Justice League balloons and a large checklist showing the Training List.  The tasks to be completed were to check their Speed X-ray Vision Super Power Marksmanship and Strength.  The first was to see if they were as fast as a speeding bullet (Superman) so we played a game of red light/green light which the kids had so much fun playing.  The longer the distance to run the better; we ended up playing this game twice.  As a reward each earned their own capes which I cut out of plastic table covers (I bought a huge roll of black table cover and cut out a bunch of small capes then used the rest to cover the tables with). 

Next was to check their X-ray Vision we played a game of pin the Batman symbol on Batman (Party City).  As each player played they were rewarded with a mask (I purchased different masks Spiderman Superman Hulk Batman) so that they can become their own hero. 

Next was to check their Super Power we played a version of Hot Potato.  I used a glow stick to pass around while the music was playing to see who could overcome the power limiting kryptonite.  Each was rewarded with a bouncing light up ball (Oriental Trading Company).  Their Marksmanship (Spiderman) was tested by using sticky spider webs (Oriental Trading Company) to claim a prize.  I had written down some prizes (super girl rings justice league kick balls batman candy etc (purchased at 99 cent stores)) on 3X5 note cards and laid them on the floor.  Using their sticky webs they had to pick up a card with a prize on it.  They could see what the prize was so if they were accurate they could get the prize they wanted. 

Next was to see how strong they were so we had a piata to check their strength (the Hulk).  I couldn't find a pinata with all the characters on it but a found a red and blue one that would mach perfectly with the Justice League mylar balloon I had also bought.  So I cut the balloon and pasted it using stick glue onto the pinata.   Each was given a Hulk goody bag to collect their toys and candy once the pinata was broken. 

For the cake I bought a two tier cake (bottom was a half sheet and top was a ¼ sheet) and it was decorated like a brick building.  I then bought Justice League figures (Wonder Woman Batman and Superman) which I placed on the cake.  The cake was then served on small plates of different characters batman superman hulk etc.  By the end we had all these mini super heros running around with their capes and masks on.  They had a lot of fun. 

To thank them for coming each was also given 3 large Super Hero coloring pages to take home along with some markers.  I also sent out Justice League Thank You cards saying how each had made the party SUPER."

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