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Superhero Party

Super Hero/Princess 5yr - Challenge




Daniela in Thornton, Colorado USA


May 2007


Honorable Mention

Super heroes and Princess party. For my 5-year-old cousins's party (their twins), we had a super hero party for him, and a princess party for her.

INVATAITONS: For the invataions, I used Microsophic Word and made a cute little invation that was half super hero, half princess. The top part was blue and had a picture of Spider Man and Super Man. In the middle it said, Come to Chloe and Charlie's birthday! Wether you're a brave super hero or a pretty princess you'll have some super fun and get treated like a princess (or prince)!". The bottom part was pink and had a picture of princess Cinderella and princess Belle. Inside it had all the party info and it told the guests to dress up like a super hero if he was a boy or like a princess if she was a girl.

DECOTRATIONS: The whole family room was decorated with blue and pink ballons. There was a huge banner on the wall that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUPER CHARLIE AND PRINCESS CHLOE!" There were also cut-outs of Disney Princesses and Marvel heroes.

ACTIVITES: When the kids showed up they could color pages of either super heroes or princesses. Then the real activities began!

First we did the "super hero adventure". I took all the kids into a room and set up the "super" obsticle course. When everything was ready I got the kids into the family/party room and told them about this activity. "If you really are a super hero or heroin you would be able to pass the super-duper special secret obslicle course!" And then I told everybody how it went- first they went through the "tunnel of strength" This was a long 12 foot tunnel that was spay-painted blue and inside there was little obsticles (like those "noodle" floties and streamers) that they had to get through. Each kid got one "super sticker" for completing this.

The next super-hero test was the "power flight". You had to first choose wether you wanted to fly like Superman or girl or swing like Spiderman or girl. Then we all got into the jumpy castle that we rented and of course the birthday kids wanted to go first on this. If someone wanted to fly they would have to jump as high as they can and then try to "fly" by jumping. The Spiderman swing was where the child had to hold on to a strong rope tied on to a tree and try to swing from one side to the other. We made a kind of a floorbed under the rope with cushons and comfortors just in case someone falls. After doing this they got another sticker.

The next challenge was named "super villan challenge". Some of my friends and my family helped out with this one. They dressed up as some famous villans (like Dr. Octopus and Joker) and the little super heros had to defeat them in a series of challenges. The first one was a game of who can toss a ball farther. Of course the "villans" let the kids win. That goes the same with these other games. They had to do a running race a game of who can find the quarter in the grass and toss. They got their last sticker for this.

Next was Chloe's turn for her princess party. The first activity we did was the "princess pretty-up". We painted the girls' nails and did their hair and put on lip glosses. The guys could either watch go into another room to do guy stuff or if they were brave enough get their hair done too.

Next they all looked into the "magic mirror on the wall". It was just a regular mirror but my mom stood behind it and gave each girl compliments when they looked in. The next activity was the "princess tea party". We pretty much just had a regular tea party with juice and sandwhiches.

Our final game was "Cinderella ball adventure". The point of the game is to pretend to be Cinderella and try to get to the ball on time. First we get dressed in old scrappy clothes and my mom (or the "fairy god mother") come out and gives us beutiful dresses to get dressed in. Then she gets a couple of wagons (that I decorated like a fancy carridge) and with some help she pulled them around the house and stopped at the bottom of the stairs. Then they climed up the stairs and came down gracefully like Cinderella did. Everybody stared like in the movie. Then a bell rang and it was "midnight". They had to hurry up and leave 1 shoe on the steps. My dad dressed as a prince had to try and guess which shoe belonged to which girl.

FOOD: For food we had the "usual"- pizza hot dogs and juice. There were 2 cakes- one of super heroes and one of princesses. "

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