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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob 10yr - Krabby Patty Cookoff




Alicia in Cordova, TN  USA


December 2005


Special Mention

I planned a Spongebob Squarepants party for my brother's 10 birthday party. 

When the kids arrived at my moms house I had the front porch decorated with a poster that had "Welcome to Bikini Bottom" on it in a life preserver with pics of all the characters around it.  I had printed them off the computer, cut and pasted to posterboard.  I hung blue metallic streamers from the door to simulate water and had jellyfish balloons all around(pink balloons with pink streamers for legs).  I also had a bubble blower. 

When the kids arrived I took their pictures in front of the "water" with a polaroid camera.  The kids proceeded to the dining room which I had decorated with spongebob posters, steamers, more jellyfish balloons and misc. party decor.  I also had the Krusty Krab menu posted.  The table was set with spongebob tablecloth, plates, napkins, cups, etc...  My mom purchased a spongebob cake from the local grocery.  I had plankton twinkies for a before party snack while the kids we waiting on others to arrive.  You take a twinkie and cover it with green icing, use black licorice or twizlers for legs, arms, eyebrow and mouth and a red hot for his eye.  They were a big hit. 

When I had everyone's pics we cut out their face and they all pasted it on a bikini bottom license that I had printed on cardboard stock paper, and filled out their name and info in the appropriate spaces.  We ofcourse had a spongebob pinata and the kids gathered their candy in white paper bags I provided with a pic of spongebob and a place for their names.  Next they went Jellyfishing in Jellyfish Fields.  I made a Jellyfish Fields poster and put in on one side of my mom's driveway.  We filled 5" ballons with helium and put small pink streamers on them for legs(this also helped weigh them down some so they wouldn't fly away)  Each child was armed with a butterfly net purchased from the local dollar store.  We released the "jellyfish" in several different spots and as it was a little windy that day the kids had a great time chasing down the balloons with their nets.  They asked to do this 3 times! 

For a prize afterward we awarded small nets and sea creature slide balloons.  We then had a Krabby Patty Cook-Off.  We set this up on the tail gate of my fathers truck.  I bought red, pink, green white, brown and tan felt and some red and yellow yarn from Wal-Mart and my sister and I cut out pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and onions using the felt.  We also cut out buns(we use a tan circle with black marker spots for sesame seeds and a white circle which we sewed together and stuffed with batting.  We ofcourse made top and bottom buns)  We made the patties with a brown circle and a pink circle which we sewed together and stuffed with rice.  We cut strips of yellow and red yarn for ketchup and mustard. These looked awesome!!! 

We made a grill out of posterboard (black lines with a marker and flames print from the computer and pasted to the poster) and a poster that showed how to assemble a krabby patty.  I also bought each child a plastic spatula and I had white tissue paper to wrap the patty in once it was done and a white paper back with a pic and place to put their name to put the finished product in.  We laid out the items and the kids had to cook the pink side of the patty on the grill, assemble the patty according to the poster, wrap it and put it in their bag. 

They all got medals( I made them from cardboard. I used a length of yellow ribbon for the necklace and glued it between two circles of cardboard.  I then printed a pic of spongebob cooking with the words Krabby Patty Cook-Off around him, cut it out and pasted it to the front circle and pasted aluminum foil to the back circle and the edges)  and got to keep their krabby patties, spatulas and a gift bag that had gummy krabby pattys in it.  The kids also got to make "Sandy" Candy which is a set you can by from Orientaltrading.com. 

My parents grilled bugers and hotdogs and while the kids waited for the food they played "Guess that Flavor". This was hilarious.  I bought the nasty flavored Harry Potter jellybeans from jelly belly and we gave each kid a jelly bean and they had to guess what it was.  Some of the flavors were dirt, worm, soap, spaghetti, vomit, grass etc..  It was funny.  The child who guessed the most got a big box of good jelly bellys and the rest got a small jellybean shaped dispenser of jelly bellys.  The kids then ate and had cake and icecream(individual cups for ease of use) and my brother opened his presents. 

At the begining of the day I had given each child a large handle sack that I had bought at a crafts store and it had a place to write their name.  Throughout the day as they gather different prizes they put them in their sack so they wouldn't get mixed up or lost.  They left with goody bags that contained gummy krabby patties, spongebob cheez-its, spongebob stickers and pencils, stretchy sea creatures and their plastic spongebob cups.  All in all it took some planning since I made most everything myself, but it saved a lot of money and was a great party for the kids.

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