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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Party 6yr - Pass the Sponge






March 2006


Special Mention

My son's 6th birthday party was a hit & what made it such a hit was SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS. Yes, that is the party he wanted to have. 

I got the SPONGEBUDDY invitations with PATRICK & SPONGEBOB.  Then I superimposed a picture of my son in the middle of them wearing a SPONGEBOB T-shirt.  They looked like 3 SPONGEBUDDIES.  The party was held in a private park that already had picnic tables & a play area.  The goal was to make it look like the children were truly at BIKINI BOTTOM.  I found the KRUSTY KRAB playtent on EBAY & set it on the grass.  I also got the pineapple pool & filled it with water along with nautical plastic toys.  There was also a SPONGEBOB sprinkler squirting all those who dared to pass by it. 

The biggest attraction was the SPONGEBOB moonwalk I rented out that the kids could not get enough of.  It was huge, it was colorful-it was a blast!  We had blue, green & yellow balloons & streamers.  We hung crabs, fish, lobsters from netting along the trees & the fence.  We took pink balloons & added pink streamers to them to create our very own JELLYFISH FIELDS.  I was able to find all of the inflatable characters from the show:  SPONGEBOB, PATRICK, SQUIDWARD, MR. KRABS, PLANKTON, GARY, & SANDY.  I blew them all up & tied them to the picnic bench as if the characters were guests at the party.  It was a great photo opportunity! 

I also had the  4ft. inflatable SPONGEBOB with the birthday hat that sits on a crabby patty.  That also provided a great photo opportunity.  Instant pictures were taken & included in the thank you cards with either the characters at the picnic table or the 4ft. SPONGEBOB. Different SPONGEBOBS were scattered througout the area from my son's collection which made it feel like we were visiting BIKINI BOTTOM. I purchased a children's bubble blower so it would constantly blow bubbles in the picnic area.  This item costs me about $10 because I went into the toy section at WALMART & got one that required batteries instead of the real expensive ones that require a plug. Guests were asked to wear either their favorite SPONGEBOB shirt or a yellow shirt to keep with the theme & rewarded with SPONGEBOB buttons to pin on their shirt. 

Of course there was a SPONGEBOB pinata with all of the characters printed on it & filled with all sorts of candy but mostly gummy crabby patties & toy prizes which included KRABBY PATTY yo-yo's which were actually shaped like hamburgers that I found in ORIENTAL TRADING.  The napkins & plates all reflected SPONGEBOB or colors you could find in BIKINI BOTTOM.  I got a dry erase board that had SPONGEBOB on it & listed the menu for the party: KRABBY PATTIES, PLANKTON Dogs, KRUSTY KRAB Pizza, SQUIDWARD Subs, SANDY Candy Nuts, BIKINI BOTTOM Brew(juice), STARFISH Soda, BARNACLE BOY Chips, BUBLLE BUDDY Bubbly(water) & of course GOOFY GOOBER Gooyiness which was the birthday cake.  The cake was decorated like BIKINI BOTTOM & had a slinky SPONGEBOB on it playing guitar as well as a slinky PATRICK playing drums.  I also scattered SPONGEBOB confetti on the cake & the surrounding picnic tables.  Each table had popcorn buckets filled with snacks  that were better known as CHUM BUCKETS.  

We played different games throughout the party which included Pass the SPONGE.  The kids had to make sure they didn't drop the stuffed SPONGEBOB & whoever was holding it when the music stopped was out.  My brother was the DJ at the party so he was able to download all the music from the SPONGEBOB show including the JELLYFISH JAN & mix it with today's mainstream music.  They also had a SQUIDWARD Shake dance contest competing to be the best of show like SQUIDWARD.  The adults even participated & had a MR. KRABS TUG of MONEY.  It was pretty much played like Tug of War except they had to try to bring the dollar bill that was hanging in the middle over to their side. The winning group was able to win SPONGEBOB sippy cups for their child. 

All of the games generated SPONGEBOB prizes ranging from SPONGEBOB hackey sack balls, SPONGEBOB kites, SPONGEBOB CD's, SPONGEBOB toys & puzzles & SPONGEBOB posters just to name a few.  I took a fish bowl & filled it with cheeze it fishes so the kids could guess how many were in it with SPONGEBOB  sitting at the bottom of it-the winner of course got a SPONGEBOB prize which was a SPONGEBOB  alarm clock.  In addition to the candy bags they had received from their pinatas as well as the different SPONGEBOB prizes that were awarded, each child received a SPONGEBOB inflatable beach ball that had SPONGEBOB inflated in it with bells that jingled.  It was a great item to bring home & ensured that every child walked away feeling like a winner. 

I dressed up like  MR. KRABS with a crab hat I got from ORIENTAL TRADING & wore alot  of red clothes as well as jingling "MONEY"  since MR. KRABS is such a penny pincher.  I also painted my face with a crab on 1 side & SPONGEBOB on the other side.  Everyone went wild when they saw it & couldn't believe I had painted it freehand.  I convinced my husband to dress up like a pirate with a costume I got on clearane at PARTY CITY.  He looked absolutely awesome & the kids truly believed he was PATCHY the PIRATE.  Dressed as PATCHY the PIRATE, the children had to go on a scavenger hunt retreiving items from their candy bags that were lost.  If they found certain items, PATCHY rewarded them with a treasure chest that was filled with pirate toys as well as what else-MORE CANDY!!!  AARGH!!!   

It took me several months to plan this party & obtain all the merchandise but it was well worth it.  I know I probably may have forgotten to mention something that I did at the party but the one thing I will never forget was the look on my son's face when BIKINI BOTTOM unfolded right before his very eyes.  WE LOVE SPONGEBOB!!!

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