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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Party 5-10yr - Bob for Sponges




Mel in Illinios, CHicago, Americe


August 2005


Special Mention

My idea of a good party for kids ages 5-10, would be a sponge bob party.

For invitations take a yellow piece of construction paper, cut it into a rectangle, then decorate it like Spongebob, you can have either eyes drawn, or get googley eyes and glue them on. Then draw a mouth, draw red blushy cheeks, nose, and clothse. Then cut out two arms and two legs out of construction paper, glue them on, and then make sure the tie, the shorts, and the shirt is all drawn as well. On the back you can draw bubbles or those flowers that they have on the spongebob show, then in the middle write down all the information. "You have been invited to, child's name, birthday party. bla, bla, bla and then for little kids a good idea would to either make or buy a spongebob costume, have an adult or older child pretend to be spongebob and they can act him out for the little kids.

For decoration you can save money by making them out of construction paper. You can get blue or white construction paper, and cut out circles, and pretend there bubbles, hang them on the wall. Make those flowers on the spongebob show out of large poster or paper. You can also some how draw or trace spongebob onto some poster board, cut him out, color him in, and then hang him on the wall, and have paper bubbles above him, so it looks like there coming out of his mouth or something. You can also get big blue paper, or bulletin board paper, and hang it up as water. You can also buy fish tanks and fill them with water, sometimes at pet stores they'll have little castles or things that are related to spongebob for fish tanks. I've seen them before. If you want you can lay out blue paper, and have them take off there shoes, so it's like there walking in the water.

For games, you can play something like pin the nost on the star fish, you know how in SpongeBob Patrick doesn't have a nose, you can make a pink nose, and have each guest try and pin the nose on the Starfish, just play the normal way though. Then you can play other games to, bobbing for sponges. Buy some sponges at the dollar store, you can usually get three for a dollar, and make sure there yellow. You can put the sponges in a big bucket of water, have each guest wear a blindfold, then get them to try and get the sponge that has a little mark on it, unless you have another way, just make a small mark on it, and whoever gets it wins, or you can just see whoever gets a sponge at all wins.

Other games you can play are like, getting a bean bag, try and make sure it's yellow, then sit in a cirle and play, "Hot sponge" you can probably warm it up in the microwave, then everyone sit's around in a circle and plays "hot sponge with the hot bean bag." And you can also play sponge bob trivia, if not everyone has seen it, put on one of the episodes for them, and have trivia questons for it. Also a cool craft related to spongebob, buy some makeup sponges, or regular sponges. Make sure there flat and not bumpy or anything though. Then buy some google eyes, have string, markers, crayons, glitter, maybe construction paper, felt, or anything else you can think of, oh and glue. Have everyone create there own Spongebob, you can also take construction paper and cut it into the shape of the star, and have everyone create Patrick. That's just one craft idea, You can probably think of alot more.

For food a good idea to have would be if you decide to have pizza, you can cut it out into the shape of Spongebob, sprinkle cheese over it, they might have some cheese that's yellow or light orange, even if you use white the normal kind of cheese that's close enough. You can use pepperoni's for eyes, and red peppers for the mouth. For a nose you can use whatever you want. For clothse you might not be able to have any, but if you find something to put on it you might be able to use that. If anyone likes pineapple on there pizza, you can cut some pineapple into the shape of a nose and stick it on the pizza. If you want to make something else like star shaped hamburgers, you can make the hamburgers, then use a knife to shape them into a star, the kids can either decorate them with ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, peppers, or whatever they want to put on there hamburgers. The hamburgers would probably work better if you ask me.

Okay for snacks what you can do is serve thigns like, shish cabobs. Use pineapples for spongebob, and use pink fruit like strawberrys or even apples, or grapes for Patrick. you can also serve snacks such as jello in a bag, take blue jello already made of coarse and pour it into a plastic baggy for each child, then stick swedish fish inside as real fish, and then you can serve that for a snack or for desert. regular chips and things can be used for snacks as well. For desert make a plane vanilla cake, then cut it into the shape of spongebob again. Mix plane white frosting with yellow icing, then it will look yellow, otherwise you might need to buy about five tubes of yellow icing which gets really expencive. decorate it with candy, and more icing, you can also use icing to decorate clothse on the cake. You can use fruit, candy, icing, and sprinkles.

The next thing you can have is ice cream, you can have is either regular ice cream or sundaes! Find ice cream like banana that might be yellow, or sherbert, or maybe pink ice cream like strawberry or sherbert, and sprinkle candy over it. Oh also for decorations you can have pink and yellow streamers, and baloons for the colors of spongebob and patrick, I couldn't really think of anything to do with any of the other characters like Mr. Crabs, or Pearl, But if you do you can use that.

For party favors in the goodybags, you can put little spongebob stickers, or keychains, you can also put the spongebob or patrick craft that they made. You can put crabby patty burgers that you can get at the store, which are acctually gummies. Or wahtever you want. Another thing you can have for dinner, is crabby patties, regular burgers. Well that's basically it, if you have any other ideas just use those. Bye!

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