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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Squarepants - Blue Decorations




Sherri in Santa Maria CA USA


March 2002


Honorable Mention

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea????? SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!  My daughters friends will feel like they are under the sea when they come over this weekend for my girls' birthday party. With unpredictable weather here in California we converted the garage into a "bikini bottom" luau party.  We purchased 2 roles of blue plastic tablecovers and pinned it to cover walls in garage.  We took blue crepe streamer paper and pinned it from one end of ceiling to other in different lengths to give a wave appearance like the ocean.  There are 6-8 large lantern fish pinned to ceiling as if they were swimming above us.  I went to orientaltrading.com and purchased most of my goods for next to nothing.  I hung 2 fishing nets and bought handfuls of colorful starfish to put throughout net.  Thank goodness I can draw!!!!  I drew all spongebob characters and tapes them to now blue walls.  The tables will be covered in blue as well.  I bought blue cups, plates, etc...... and each cup will get a fish straw in it.  Shells and starfish will decorate the tables.  By the food area.... We will have tiki torches, palm tree lights, parrots, tiki lights, grass aloha signs and blow up palms.  We have a treasure chest piƱata courtesy of Mr. Krabs Arghhhh!!!!!!  I only filled with cold coin chocolates and gum and crowns for each child.  We will serve pizza, pasta salad and ambrosia. Pretzels to snack, and fruit and veggie trays too.  I had a cake made of spongebob and Patrick star.  Albertson's made that for me.  We rented a sea life bounce house and purchased a spongebob greatest hits CD for music.  The games for the party include....pin monkey on the coconut tree, Mr. Krabs toss, Pass the wet sponge, Fishin for treasure.  Prizes include a telescope, compass ring and mini water games.....oriental trading co.  I also have a bag for each child to take home of shark fruit snacks, goldfish crackers, flower ring, windmill, spongebob bubbles(mini bubbles with spongebob sticker on them) and sugarless gum.  I hung some large multi colored Xmas light in garage for light and color around room.  Make a big difference. I also have luau CD for backup. Sponge bob recorded episodes for kids to watch as they arrive. Here the BIGGIE!!!!!!!!  SPONGE BOB WILL BE THERE. I painted a rectangular box with tempera paint like sponge bob, thank God I'm an artist, but anyone can do this!  I had a white long sleeve T-shirt with white tights and white gloves and dyed all this bright yellow. My niece volunteered to dress up as spongebob for 10 minutes and come say hello to kids.  It will be such a great surprise!!!!!! I'm serving tea and water for adults and juices for drinks for kids.  This party should be a SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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