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Spongebob Squarepants

Bikini Bottom Party 9yr - Pink Jellyfish




Tina in Madison, Ohio U.S.A


Oct 2003


Honorable Mention

Welcome to Bikini Bottom! That's what our front door read as my daughter's guests arrived for her 9th indoor birthday party.We decorated a sign and hung it on the door with illustrations of Spongebob,Patrick, and jellyfish.  

Decorations: We decorated the ceilings with aqua colored crepe paper to look like ocean waves,adding aqua balloons to resemble bubbles. We also hung tropical fish.I taped pink crepe paper "legs" onto pink balloons to look like jellyfish, too. Our carpet is beige, so it looked like a sandy ocean bottom.I layed shells, starfish,and sand pails around on the floor.  Food: I had this party before Spongebob licensed cakes came out, so I ordered a cake with an ocean theme, and added Spongebob character figures on the top, which my daughter already had.It came out very nice. For drinks, we served ocean blue kool-aid, and also had ice-cream. 

Activities and Games...my favorite part:  It's all about the GAMES! We laid a Spongebob tablecloth on the "ocean floor" and set out cups of colored sand, which you can color yourself with food coloring. I purchased small, inexpensive sand art bottles from a craft store, so the girls could create their own sand art.Don't forget small funnels! 

Next to that,we had face painting going on with my husband,the artist.I made up a chart before the party of examples that the girls could choose from, and my husband could copy. We had pineapples, sea stars, fish, crabs,and the favored,jellyfish to choose from.They could alternate between that and the sand art to keep busy.  We later played games such as "Who am I?" where I taped a card on each girl's back of an underwater sea creature.(i.e. sea star, crab, shark, etc.) Then as each girl came up, she asked questions from the other girls to guess who she was. For instance, "Do I have fins?" or " Do you eat things like me?" 

After that,it was Spongebob Pictionary time. I taped a pad of paper onto a large sturdy, decorated foamboard, and divided the girls into two teams. I gave each girl a  secret slip of paper of who or what they had to draw in a certain amount of time.(more sea creatures or sea related things)They took turns trying to guess correctly for their team.The team with the most correct guesses won a prize from the game table. 

We next played "Backwards crab racing" around our house, which the girls really enjoyed. We were lucky that they were able to race completely around the house in a circle.Winner gets to pick a prize from prize table, or you can have first, second,and third place ribbons. 

Now it was Spongebob Trivia.I purchased a small Spongebob trivia book. (or you can watch the show and take notes!) I divided the girls again into two teams. I wrote the questions down on index cards, with the answers on back. I asked one team a question, and they had so much time to "huddle" and come up with an answer. If correct, they scored a point. If not, the other team had a chance to answer correctly and score. At the end, have prizes for the winning team.(Spongebob stickers, etc.)  We finished off the party with "Jellyfish Volleyball"(pink balloons with streamers),and giggles of exhaustion. 

Prize Table: shells, Spongebob stickers,leis, goldfish crackers,sea creature fruities,and plenty of Spongebob items.Every girl got something to take home, plus goody bags.Fun time for all!

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