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Spongebob Squarepants

Sponge Bob - Spongebob Limbo




Jackie in Rosemount/Mn/USA


Sept 2002


Honorable Mention

Sponge Bob Square Pants  We greeted each child at the door with a yellow lei, and welcome to Bikini Bottem. Then they were directed towards the kitchen. I covered the doorway with long strips of green crepe paper. ( simulating seaweed) for which the kids had to walk through.

The decorations for the kitchen consisted of a fishing net, that I hung from the ceiling. I also made fish people, like the ones you see on the show and pink jellyfish, I cut these out of poster board. I drew and colored and added glitter to them. Them I hung from the ceiling also, along with more crepe paper cut in different lengths to continue the seaweed look. On the wall we had a crab and seahorse and also a ships steering wheel. I placed a grass skirt all around the kitchen table.

Here we made crafts while listening to Jamaican music that I taped from the internet midi sites. Really added to the atmosphere. Our craft was a foamy door knob hanger. We used white glitter glue for the sandy bottom and green glue glitter for seaweed. The kids glued on foamy fish. Then they glued on eyes and some shells in the sand. As simple crafts, as this party was for 5 year olds. ( I was really wanting a surf board to take a snapshot of the kids on it. But this is the Midwest and surf boards are not a item that are easily available)

After this we went outside for some games. We set up an obstacle course it went something like this.

First each child had to do the limbo, once that was complete they had to run over to jellyfish fields and pick up two jellyfish.(pink water balloons) Climb up the tree house, slide down the slide.  pause and pick up a fishing net.( I found these at the dollar store. Which was a clever find, as the stick part was made of bamboo) We threw round sponges ( these two were at the dollar store, 20 to a package. We cut them into round shapes) at the kids and each time they caught one, they had to yell crabby patty.  After catching, at least, two. They could put the net down, pick up their jelly fish and proceed to where (I had drawn on a piece of plywood, Plankton) Plankton stood. taking aim they would throw their jelly fish at the board. They did this obstacle course quite a bit, because they like the water balloon toss.

We also played Peg Leg races and pin the pants on sponge bob. ( print out is available on nickelodeon.) After this it was time for lunch. We had krabby Patties ( hamburgers)  Sponge Bob cheese snack crackers Cheese kabobs. Theses are cheese squares with a straight pretzel stuck in it.  Kids love them.  Jellyfish liquid ( pink lemonade) The kids watched sponge bob on video while they ate lunch. This works out great. because as you are preparing lunch, the kids are all settled down and quiet AND HAPPY!  After lunch we had cake and ice cream.

Then we opened gifts. We played one last game right before the kiddies went home. I made little fish and put picture clues on one side for a fishing game. Each child had to fish with a fishing pole over a little curtain. I would then place a fish on the pole. Once they had the fish, they had to find there goodie bucket according to the clue. very fun!! Their goodie bucket held inside: Nickelodeon gummy snacks ( spongebob is on the wrapper) Spongebob individual cheese snack crackers A bottle of bubbles a small sponge bob candy Book markers ( I made these with plastic canvas, yearn and spongebob stickers) A flag button ( Wal-Mart 10 cents ) A sponge bob game paddle ball And I found a little tropical fish to put in each bucket as well. Not real ones. 

Many of these items I was able to buy on sale. many at incredibly low prices.  I usually think about the kids party months before they happen, this way I am able to put some thought into the party.  Pick up items I will need here and there. This way I am able to spread the expense out, And try to make it the best party they have. because they are only young once. And Birthday parties really are for children. I also want the experience to be a good one for our guest as well.

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