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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Party -5yr- Pin the Jellyfish




Laura in Wrentham, MA, USA


October 2010


Special Mention

For my son's 5th birthday party, he wanted to have a Spongebob Squarepants party. 

INVITATIONS:  I cut out a yellow rectangle, put two big google eyes" on them then added eyelashes with a big black marker.  This was the front of the card.  On the back I put "ARE YOU READY KIDS?" at the top then "_____ Squarepants is having a Birthday!" below that.  I followed it with the When Where and RSVP info.

DECORATIONS:  In addition to yellow streamers and balloons I put a large cutout of Spongebob from the party store on the wall with a big 5 (cut from cardstock) in his hand.  I also found a huge tin of popcorn the outside of which was decorated like a big spongebob and that served a dual purpose of snack and decoration.  We had yellow plates napkins and plasticware from the party store.  My son wore a yellow t-shirt that I fabric glued two big google eyes onto and used fabric paint to add the eyelashes.  He loved this and wore it over and over after the party.  I downloaded Spongebob music from iTunes and played it in a continuous loop throughout the party.


1.) I designated our toyroom as "Jellyfish Fields" and made a sign for outside the doorway saying such.  Then I got two dozen pastel colored helium balloons and to each one I taped 6 or 7 eighteen inch lengths of matching color crepe paper to dangle down and be "tentacles".  I left the balloon strings on them but cut them so that they would dangle about 3 feet from the floor.  These were the jellyfishes' stingers.  When the kids went into that room they would try to move around without getting "stung" and when they did touch a ballon string they would drop to the floor and writhe around.  They thought this was a TON of fun.

2.) We played Pin the Jellyfish on the Jellyfish Net which was a very inexpensive purchase from the party store.  It was a poster of Spongebob with a jellyfish net and each boy got a sticker of a jellyfish which we wrote their name onto and they tried to "pin" it into the net.  The winner got a prize. 

3.)  I made a Make-your-own-crabby-patty game.  I made crabby patties by sewing together two brown fleece circles and stuffed them with rice.  They felt like bean bags.  Then I made twice as many buns as patties by sewing together tan lightweight fabric circles and stuffing them with polyfil.  For toppings I cut out yellow squares of fun-foam for cheese green circles of fun-foam for pickles and found a ruffled bright green fabric remnant at the craft store that I cut into squares for lettuce.  I got very thick red and purple yarn and cut it into 9-inch lengths.  These were Ketchup and Jellyfish Jelly.  I also picked up inexpensive spatulas one for each child at the party.  I put all of the supplies out in our family room on the coffee table then put out two cookie sheets to serve as "griddles".  The kids spent a ton of time making crabby patties to order for the moms and each other.  They especially loved trying to flip the patties on the griddle with their spatulas. 

SNACKS & CAKE:  I kept it simple since we only had a half-dozen kids and it was an after school party.  We had the aforementioned popcorn from the Spongebob tin and I found Spongebob shaped Cheez-its at the grocery store.  Then we had Spongebob Juice (Lemonade) or Kelp Shake (Chocolate Milk) for beverage choices.  I made a Spongebob cake by taking a rectangle sheet cake and using different color icings to make his body eyes pants shirt and tie.  Then just before serving I took some cardstock cutouts of his arms and legs and stuck them into the outside of the cake.  I was afraid that if I had done this earlier the cardstock would soak up moisture from the cake and get mushy.

GOODIE BAGS:  I found all kinds of Spongebob goodies for the bags at my local discount store (Walmart is great for this).  I used bright yellow lunchbag style bags and added spongebob themed chocolates stickers fruit gummies and rings.  Then everyone got to take home some of the balloon jellyfish too.  It was low-key enough so that the 5-year olds had some structured fun but were able to really enjoy the few activities that we left out for them as they wished.  My son had a GREAT time."

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