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Spiderman Party

Spiderman Party 4yr - Silly String Bad Guys




Lisette in Grand Blanc, MI USA


Oct 2003



SPIDERMAN BIRTHDAY PARTY - 4 YEAR OLD My four year old is enchanted with spiderman, but I had a difficult time finding spiderman ideas for parties. 

We started with storebought Spiderman invitations, plates, cups, hats, etc. 

Once the kids arrived, I had them decorate their own "superhero capes" (rain ponchos from the Dollar store) with spiderman and other misc. stickers. 

I made "bad guys" - brightly colored posterboard circles with crazy/bad faces on them  - and hung them from trees, fenceposts, and other locations in the backyard.  The kids in their superhero capes each got a can of silly string, and ran around spraying the "bad guys" with their silly string "web juice". 

Then we had a spider pinata my son and I made....it hardly looked like a spider, but was easier for the kids to crack open than some of the store bought ones I have bought in the past! 

We went inside and played our version of "pin the tail on the donkey"....it was "pin the key on the jail cell to get spiderman out of jail".  I took a white piece of posterboard and taped a picture of spiderman (from the front of a cereal box!) to it.  I taped a black piece of posterbaard over it, with cut outs to look like cell bars and a large keyhole.  The kids each pinned their keys close to the keyhole to help get Spiderman out of jail....the Green Goblin tricked him into the jail cell!  Once everyone had their turn, I reached in and pulled the spiderman picture out of jail...they were all heros!  They each got a gold medal from a packet also purchased at the Dollar store. 

I was going to do a twisted web game where prizes are tied to different colored strings and the strings are wound around each other...the object being each child has a different color string and has to find their prize at the end by untangling their string, but some of the party guests were a little young for this game.

We had sloppy joes and pb&j sandwiches for dinner...I wanted something easy that I didn't have to cook and didn't heat the kitchen up since the party was at the end of August. 

My sister made a fabulous cake....it was a building created from three square cakes stacked on top of each other.  Spiderman (a Spiderman gummy sucker) was on the roof with webs of gel frosting shooting across to the Green Goblin (a Hulk gummy sucker she re-shaped and decorated to look more like the Green Goblin) who was riding on an aluminum foil saucer-thing that crashed into the building.  She made windows on the building and even found smiley face candies to put in the windows!

We opened presents and each guest received gift bags with misc. Spiderman objects to take home. 

The party turned out to be as much fun for the adults to watch as it was for the kids!

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