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Spiderman Party

Spiderman 4yr - Pin Spider on Spiderman




Sherrice in Washington, DC


December 2004


Special Mention

I have always searched various websites for ideas for the my son's birthday parties and just combined some of those ideas with my own. Therefore, we celebrated my son's 4th birthday in December and decided to have a Spiderman theme party at his request.  We rented the Partyroom at his grandmother's residence and decorated the room with Spiderman 2 partyware that was purchased from the local party store. 

We had about 7 round tables that were covered with red or blue tableclothes and the centerpieces were 1 mylar Spiderman 2 balloon and 2(red and blue) latex balloons on a weight.  I purchased Spiderman 2 posters and hung them alongside the walls.  In addition, I purchased red and blue bubbles and replaced the lables with the Spiderman 2 theme which said, "Frank's 4th Birthday Party! December 7, 2004."  The bubbles were also placed on the tables for decoration.  I had two games in which the children played which was pin the spider on Spiderman's chest and the SpideyWalk. 

For the SpideyWalk game, I purchased the Spidey and Friends CD and played music as the children walked in a circle.  I placed pictures of Spiderman on the floor with the numbers 1 through 3.  When the music stopped and a child landed on that number, they could reach into the basket and get a prize that was labled 1 through 3.  I purchased spiderman keychains, spiderman puzzles, spiderman bubble bath, spiderman playing cards, spiderman cars, spiderman books, spiderman pencils and spiderman 5X7 notebooks and wrapped them in Spiderman wrapping paper and used these items for the prizes. 

Also, I purchased a Spiderman Moonbouce from Target.com.  The kids really enjoyed the bouncer, especially my son.  I rented a Spiderman costume from a Costume Shop and had my nephew to dress up like Spiderman.  I played the Spiderman theme music when he entered the room and had the children take pictures with Spiderman.  I also purchased a webshooter that my nephew used.  The kids thought that this was so cool.  I used my digital camera and printed the pictures at the party.   

We ate chicken drummets, macaroni and tuna salad, pigs in the blanket, baked beans, chips and dip, prezetels, pickles, olives, turkey and cheese sandwich wraps, ham and cheese sandwich wraps, cheese and vegetable tray and punch. 

The cake was designed with Spiderman and DocOck which read, "Happy 4th Birthday Frank."  In addition, we had cupcakes with Spiderman cake toppers on on top along with ice cream cups.  Ice cream cups are much easier to handle.  We had over 30 children to attend his party. 

For the partyfavor bags, I purchased the the Spiderman 2 giftbags from Walmart on clearance for $.70.  I made Spiderman coloring books for the boys and Spidergirl coloring books for the girls.  I used various spiderman or spidergirl coloring pages and took the books to Staples so that they could bind them together. 

For the boys, the cover had a picture of Spiderman that said, "Happy 4th Birthday Frank" and the girls said the same thing except they had a picture of Spidergirl.  I purchased canvas backpacks from Oriental Trading and had a graphics student that I knew to design a graphic which would read, "I had a Spidey good time at Frank's 4th Birthday Party."  I can not begin to described what was made. 

For the boys, there was a picture of Spiderman with his web and the themesong written inside of the web.  My son's name was in bold print that looked like a spider.  You have to really see it because it was awesome. 

The girls had a picture of Spidergirl which read the same them.  I made the backpacks for the girls and t-shirts for the boys.  So each partybag had the following: A t-shirt or backpack, a coloring book, crayola 24 count crayons (brought in September during the back to school sale at K-Mart), Spiderman 2 sovenir cup, Spiderman pencil holder box ($.25 at Walmart) Spiderman pencil, Spiderman brachs candy, Spiderman bat and ball (girls), and Spiderman Pez candy.  We also had a Spiderman pinata which was filled with plastic spiders and candy.  I made additional candy bags with the Spiderman theme so that those they didn't get candy could still take some home. 

For thank you cards that I send out to those that attended my son's birthday party, I used the picture of him and Spiderman and took it to Walmart and had them create a "Thank You" greeting card with his photo.  I also mailed a picture of Spiderman and any child that may have not received there picture at the party.  I am still getting phone calls about my son's party.  It was hardwork but my son enjoyed every minute of it.  The expressions on his face are priceless.

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