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Spiderman Party

Spiderman Party 6yr - Pictures with Spiderman




Dione in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA


Sept. 2003


Special Mention

Spiderman Party (6 year old girl) I tried to convince my tomboyish six year old that "fill in the blank" party would be so much fun, but her mind was set on Spiderman. As I begin planning this party in my mind, I thought Spiderman is going to have to show up to save this party!! Internet searches didn't do much, put pop up movie stuff or Spiderman Fan Sites. 

For invitations, we purchased our daughter a Spiderman outfit online. We took a variety of pictures to choose from and then ordered customized birthday cards ($1/ea) with her as Spiderman on the front in his infamous pose. The invitation reads, (front of card) "An Invitation from"(inside of card) Your friendly neighborhood wall-crawling, crime-fighting Super Hero…Spiderman! A.K.A. (our daughter's name) and birthday details followed. This turned out to be fun because the parents couldn't figure out if it was really our daughter in the Spiderman outfit or not. 

Our party begin with a craft, which girls love. We made Spiderman (Birthday)Hats! That were just adorable, fun and great for pictures! We took blue foam sheets and cut out strips of about 2 inches to fit each child's head. We stapled the strips together to fit snug and make a crown/head band. Then we took red construction paper (11 x 14 size) and cut them in two inch strips, eight for each hat.

The children at this age really enjoyed using scissors (superviserd of course). Then each strip was fold back and forth like an accordion for the spider legs. Then each of the eight strips were stapled to the top of the blue foam crown/headband so they dangle over the top. Then we purchased the movable eyes and glued them on. The parents loved them almost as much as the kids. 

Then we took pictures with Spiderman! We had a dark blue backdrop set up over the fence. We put together PVC pipes with elbows to make a frame that would stand up and weaved our own spider web with white rope. We had a pillow of Spiderman in a crawling position. We hung him up on the spider web. The kids stood next to him behind the spider web and we took photos of each child. We put these in the thank you cards. 

For snacks we did Spider Pretzels. This was really easy and my daughter loved helping prepare for the party. You get two round crackers (like Ritz), smooth peanut butter, pretzel sticks and the mini M & M's (or any other small candy or you could use raisins) spread peanut butter on both of the crackers, place 4 pretzel sticks on each side (for legs) and the put the two crackers, peanut butter on the inside together. Add small amounts of peanut butter where the eyes go and top with the mini M & M's. These, too, were a big hit.

We also did the traditional cake/ice cream. On the computer we made labels that were round with spider webs on them and put Spiderman on the web and taped to a pitcher. We used red and green Hawaiian Punch. On the Red Hawaiian Punch we labeled it "Spiderman's Power Juice" and on the Green Hawaiian Punch we labeled it "Green Goblin's Power Juice". Needless to say the red was the favorite. 

We played SpiderWalk. We made octagon shaped siderwebs, in the middle we put a number (one for each child playing) placed them randmonly all over the deck. Played music and when the music stopped each child stands on a web. We didn't do the traditional circle because we wanted to let them move freely and create a tangled web effect with kids going different directions. A number is drawn out of the bucket and the child standing on that number gets to pick out of a bag with corresponding numbers with the web. We used pencils, stickers, candy, rubber balls, spiderman whistles, sticky hands, etc The kids enjoyed this game and it lasted awhile, we made sure that every kid got the same amount of prizes. 

We also played a Spider Web Relay Race. We divided the children up in even numbers and used octagon shaped spiderwebs each team had two each. We made two cities out of refridgerator boxes from a local appliance store. We made it like a sky line, set up a course and had each child take their webs and travel to their city by placing the webs on the ground and stepping on them, the trick is to not touch the green goblin ground or you have to start over. The webs were fairly good size so they wouldn't step off too easily. Once each child makes it around the city with their webs, the next child in line goes and the first team finished wins.

To make this more difficult for older children you could make the webs smaller and you could make them rescue a victim and carry the victim back from the city, without dropping them (stuffed animal/barbie doll/etc) or stepping off the web into the green goblin ground.  By this time the children, parents and I were certinaly tired. But we had a great, creative party that everyone will be sure to remember.

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