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Spiderman Party

Spiderman Party 4yr - Tic Tac Toe






July 2003


Honorable Mention

My 4 year old is crazy about spiderman so we gave him a spiderman birthday party. 

I decided to create some games what i did for games was purchased some poster board from the dollar store on one side i drew a giant spider and printed some spiderman coloring pages off the internet and had my older children cut out and color spiderman and at the party the children played pin the spiderman on the web.  On the other side of the poster board i made another game spiderman and green goblin tic tac toe i used the spidermen from the pin the spiderman on the web game and cut out and colored some pictures of the green goblin the kids really loved it. 

Another idea was to make the children spiderman masked for them to take home so i drew spidermans face on a piece of white paper and went to staples and copied the picture onto a heavy cardstock.  I let the kids color them at the party and i boought some clear contact paper to laminate them.  I then punched holes into each side and tied the mask on with red yarn. 

I also let the children make spiders out of toosie roll pops all you need for this activitie is tootsie roll pops one for each child, black tissue paper, black pipe cleaner, glue, and rubberbands. 

Before the party cut out tissue paper into big enough squares so that the kids can completely rap the tootsie roll pop in it.  Then tie it up with the rubberband also cut your pipe cleaner into three pieces depending on how long they are or you can just cut them in half. Each child will need 8 pieces each center the pipe cleaner at the base of the tootsie roll pop then wrap them around the stick, so that there are four legs on each side. Bend the pipe cleaner to resemble legs and place wiggly eyes in place. 

For my sons cake I made a 1 layer 8 in. Round cake and then made cupcakes to circle around it I used wilton black icing color to make spider webs on the cake and cupcakes I also used red and blue icing as a boarder for the cake and to ice the cupcakes.  I purchased plastic spiders from the party supply store and places all over the cake and cupcakes.

I let the kids create their own personal pizza and supplied them with sausage, pepperoni, ham, cheese, pizza sauce etc. I thought that it would be a bad idea at first but it turned out better than I expected. We also had potatoe chips, green hawiaan punch, and veggies w/dip.

I made the kids coloring books from the coloring pages I got off the internet I filled their loot bags with stickers tattoos spiderman jelly pops, mini gumball machines, and candy they got from the pinata.

I decorated the house with a giant spider that I hung in the dinning room over the party table. I had red, blue and black streamer coming down the walls and a giant picture of spiderman on the patio window.  I also took pictures of the kids as spiderman.

Since my daughter is such an excellent drawer I had her draw spider man and we painted the picture but we cut out the face and pasted the picture to a heavier board that we purchased from micheals craft store and we took pictures of the kids and when we had the film developed we sent the pictures to the kids after the party but if you decide to use this idea I would suggest using a polaroid instant film if you have this type of camera.

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