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Spa Day Party

Girl's Spa Party -6yr-Avocado Yogurt Facial




Arlene in Davidson, Sk Canada


January 2012


Honorable Mention

We planned a Girl's Spa Party for 6 girls.  The invitations had a picture of nail polish and a girl with her hair in a towel and cucumbers on her eyes. The said,  Pedicures and Manicures with Sparkles Galore These are the things that we most adore.  Come and relax on our special day as we celebrate our 6 birthday!"  

The invitations are plural because there are 6 girls in their class and all their birthdays are very close so we decided to have one big bash!  We rented a small hall and turned it into a spa! When the girls arrived in their pj's robes and slippers there was a " Welcome to your spa day" sign as well as a basket for each of the girls ( dollar store for !.50 some were blue and some were pink) Attached to each basket was a helium balloon.  Inside each basket was a white towel wrapped nicely in blue and pink ribbons ( embroidering their names was too expensive for our but is a nice idea too!)  Also in the basket were water bottles with custom made labels with " Spa de L'eau" and their names written on them.  The girls took their baskets with them to each station.

First station was manicures. The girls sat around the table and each chose one colour of name polish. When the music started they passed the polish when the music stopped they painted their index fingers that colour. This continued until all nails were done.  We also had fancy decals to decorate after they were done. From here they went to pedicures. We had 6 chairs in a circle and they put their feet into white tubs with epson salts to soak their feet. ( tubs were 1.50 at Dollar store)  As they soaked we gave them plastic wine glasses with sparkling cider. They visited and chatted just like grown woman!  

After a few minutes we dried off their feet and massaged with foot lotion lots of giggles here! ( I should note that each mom was there to help pamper the girls)  We had pedicure sets ( flip flops toe seperaters files and nail polish) that the girls used and then put into their baskets to take home.  They painted their toe nails and then took a snack break for chocolate fondue. ( We dipped fruit cake pretzels and ripple chips!) They loved this as they felt grown up with their wine glasses and fondue forks!  Next were facials!  

They sat at a different table where there were headbands for each of them to put on to keep their hair back from their face. They also had bowls and spoons to make a home made facial avacado and yogurt with a dash of lemon juice. They mixed this up and then put it on their face. They each had indivudual mirrors ( some blue and some pink) that they used to put on mask.  They put these and their headbands into their baskets to take home too.  Many giggles here too! From here they layed on pillows on the floor and we put cucumbers on their eyes. They rested and relaxed for a few minutes then we washed their faces off.  Cute photo opportunity.  

They went back to facial table where we finished up with lip gloss sparkly lotion and temporary tattoos! ( Lip gloss was also put into their basket to take home)  Next we played games:  telephone cotton ball relay where they put vaseline on their nose and picked up a cottonball with it and ran to the next person spa relay where they ran to a chair and put on a robe towel in hair slippers on feet then ran and tagged the next person so they could then put everything on. We had created one big headtable to make them all feel special.  There were more helium balloons and individual table markers and cupcakes. We sang Happy Birthday to everyone and we all ate cupcakes and continued to drink from our wine glasses.

Finally we exchanged gifts. We decided to draw names instead of buying a gift for everyone so we had one chair with helium balloons attached to it where the first birthday girl sat and whoever had her name gave her gift. The other girls sat on the pillows and watched and clapped and hugged. Very cute! They were all so excited to give and receive their special gift!.  As we cleaned up the girls coloured some spa pictures that we had set up at another table. At the end they also received a ring pop that also went into their basket of goodies!  The girls had so much fun getting an afternoon of pampered attention from their moms."

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