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Barbara in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA


December 2011


Runner Up

For my daughter's 10th birthday she wanted a spa party. 

INVITATION:  I made the invitation out of simple white stock card cut in half, printed in a very cute girly Curlz" font hot pink color with a picture of a spa girl duplicated 3 times - on the top she has her hair in a towel with a pink face mask and bubbles around her imported from clip art very cute and easy to make.  

The INVITATION read:  You are invited to (name of girl)'s 10th Birthday Spectacular Spa Party.  With the time date and place (our home).. Come Ready to be pampered..Wear your comfiest clothes and be sure to have clean hands & feet, it will be really neat.  We'll do pedis, manis, facial, crafts, games, and of course cake!  I was sure to mention the clean hands and feet because I know some of these little girls, mine included, can have pretty grimy feet at times!  I included my email for the rsvp because sometimes that's easier for busy moms!  We invited 11 girls - we had 11 total with my daughter! 

PARTY DECORATIONS:  Pink balloons were hung around the house along with a happy birthday banner on our back patio.  I bought 2 dozen pink roses at Costco and had them around the house with pink colored water in clear glass vases (a few drops of red food coloring )  I also used huricane vasses for floating candles with pink water and some of the rose petals.  We lit real candles where they wouldn't be a fire hazard, like on the food table and the floating candles.  I used the plastic candles from the dollar store (tea lights battery operated) for our coffee table and where the girls would be around.  We set our living room up like a waiting room, complete with soothing spa music I downloaded from itunes.  On our flat screen TV we put the "yule log" picture on and a fire was going the entire time on our TV!  We had some girly magazines, some books my daughter had picked out on the coffee table, and comfy pillows and throw covers on our leather couches. 

THE PARTY: When the girls arrived we had set up a "check-in table", which was a folding table with a nice table cloth on it. They received their "SPA MENU",which listed the events for the day with the choices for face masks.  With the same type and font and picture as the invitation.. Very cute!  The girls were asked to pick their size flip flops out of a basket when they arrived, we would later be decorating them.  They had hot pink and white to choose from. 

GIFT BAG:  They were given a paper gift bag (hot pink and white), a group of 12 at Michaels was the best deal, which they would use throughout the party, and it would be their party favor.  It was filled with pedicure flip flops (the throw away kind) emery boards a head band for the facials a face sponge for them to take home and a pedicure brush and file and toe seperators.  They were told to keep their bags with them during the party.  I had labled them all and by the time the party was over they would have their bags to take home everything in them - their decorated flip flops and bracelet. I also included name tags for them to wear written with pink marker, as not all the girls knew each other, and the grown ups would know who they were. 

THE SPA: (ACTIVITIES) After giving the girls their bags they "waited" in the living/ waiting room for all the girls to arrive.  We had 4 stations; the first was facials, which we all did together, then manis, pedis, and crafts. Since it was at our house I knew I would need help.  I inlisted the help of my sister, my mom, and a two friends.  We each wore hot pink shirts, black pants or jeans, and I gave them each name tags and a pink daisy for their shirts.  Two of us did pedicures, two did manicures, and I was in charge of the craft table.   After all the girls had arrived, the girls had their choice of FACIAL masks, which were homemade from all natural foods!  One was Beautiful Banana, which was greek yogurt honey and 1/2 banana blended until smooth in a blender.  The second was Soothing Oatmeal made of greek yogurt oatmeal (ground in a coffee grinder) and honey, also blended in a blender.  The third was Cool Cucumber, also greek yogurt, grated cucumber, and honey. 

The most popular was the banana.  The girls all gathered around my kitchen island and were able to use mirrors I had set up (from the dollar store)  that stood up on their own.  We kept the lights down low and used the floating candles to get that peaceful spa feeling.  They used the headband from their bag and started by  wiping their own faces with all natural cucumber makeup remover wipes I bought at target. Then I spooned a small amount of the mask of their choice into their  white plastic bowl and they applied their own masks.  Some needed help and they were all saying how cold they were.. Next time I would remove them earlier from the fridge.  When they were done they went back to the living room where I had spread pink and white blankets on the floor and they laid down with their heads in a circle.. I gave them each cucumbers for their eyes and took a picture.  Helpful hint.. Be sure to slice the cucumbers thin enough if they are too thick they slide off their faces.  I might even peel them for that reason.  After we took several pictures they came back into the kitchen and were each given a warm white facecloth (Target sells packs of them) to remove the masks. Then they were each given homemade LIPGLOSS to apply to their lips.  Made from cocoa butter vaseline coconut oil a bit of orange juice vanilla extract and vanilla stevia.  All melted together and poured into individual pink plastic pill boxes (target in the travel section)  It takes a few hours to form so I made them the day before.  After the facials they each went to a station we could do 2 manis and 2 pedis at a time the rest went to the craft table.  

MANICURES:  I set up the kitchen table with a pink plastic table cloth, many different shades of nail polish, jewels, lotion and sparkling body spray.  The lotion and spray were from bath and body works in sugar plum and vanilla bean scent. The girls were each given a hand massage before painting their nails and adding jewels.  We sprayed their finger nails with nail polish remover to remove the lotion before applying the polish. We just used our kitchen chairs and turned them catty corner for two manicure stations. 

PEDICURES:  I set up the pedicure station (which were two wicker chairs with comfly cushions from our living room) right next to our kitchen table (manicure station) so we could share supplies and nail polish. For the pedicures, we used the chairs, a stool with a pillow draped with a towel for the girls to put their feet on,  then another stool for the pedicurist to sit on.   I decided not to use a pedicure bath tub due to the fact it should be emptied and cleaned out after every girl!  Then you are still risking spreading something!  So we decided to use hand towels - we ran them under warm water and washed each girls feet and legs with them..That way we used fresh warm towels for each girl as we had to wash our hands in between girls anyway. Then we did a foot massage with lotion and used the glitter spray.  They loved the foot massages!  We did no cutting of nails either for the manicures..only massges and painted!  Which was perfect for them.  We painted designs on their toes using decorator nailpolish (dollar store.)  We used the throw away flip flops and the toe seperators from their bags.  I placed a small plastic garbage bin in between us for the used towels. 

CRAFT TABLE:  On our back patio picnic table covered with a plastic pink table cloth they did 2 crafts to take home.  1. Decorating flip flops. Flip flops from Target and I purchased fake daisies from Walmart for the flip flops (pink or white) before the party I cut the stems off and glued a small piece of t-shirt material to the back of the daisies so they would easly adhere to the flip flops.  Then the girls glued their choice of ribbon on the flip flops and a flower.. Very cute! Flip flop glue from Michaels worked wonderful. 2. A bracelet.. Beading a bottle cap bracelet (purchased at Michaels in a box of 16)…before the party I had strung the bottle caps for the bracelets. So all they had to do was decorate the bottle cap and string their beads.  Each craft was labled with their names (masking tape) and left to dry until the end of the party.  By the time the last pedicure was done it was time for cake.  Our party was 1:30-4:30 the perfect amount of time to accomplish 11 pedis and manis crafts cake opening presents and even a little freeze dancing!  The time frame was good also because I only needed to serve snacks and cake.  

THE SNACKS were simple pretzel chips chex mix cut up cheese fruit and chicken fajitas. 

THE CAKE: Homemade but with help.. Duncan Hines box cake.  I used vanilla and strawberry.  It was 3 tiered.  I mixed both cake mixes at the same time. Poured the vanilla in the cake pan first and then drizzled the strawberry in.  It came out delicious and looked beautiful!  I also used store bought icing the whipped kind and used wilton's rose coloring to die it different shades of pink.  I also used strawberry icing.. Also yummy!  It was 3 tiered with white flowers and pink swirl designs and pink and white daisies on top and of course 10 candles! 

TIPS:  Be sure to have enough towels.. Highly recommend not using the foot bath they loved what we did.  Finally for 10 year olds the waiting room was only good for a short time we ended with freeze dancing I would add that earlier for the girls not at a station.  The moms who stayed however loved the "waiting room" with the fireplace and spa music!!  They too were asking for facials, pedis, and manis!!  My daughter had a blast and said it was the best party she had ever been to!"

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