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Spa Day Party

Glitzy Girl Glamour Party (7-9yr) Pink Feather Boas




Noelle in San Diego, CA, USA


May 2010


Honorable Mention

When my daughter (turning 7) came to me and said she wanted a spa/makeover party, I jumped all over that and got tons of ideas. Most ideas came from this site and I combined multiple ideas to fit our party. First, I went and bout tableware from Party City. The theme Glitzy Girl". It was adorable in hot pink silver black with hints of turquoise and lime green.

INVITATIONS: My aunt handmade the invitations and they turned out adorable!! My daughter got to invite 5 friends for a total of 6 six girls. The invitation was a purse with an initial on the front as well as some glamour item such as a lipstick. Each purse was a different coordinating color and each girl had their own initial. The purse opened like a real purse. Inside the purse you pulled out a compact. The compact opened and there would be the party info. Then you pulled out a nail polish bottle which had the RSVP info. Then you pulled out a lipstick with the "It's a birthday!". Each item was made from cardstock in the coordinating colors.

DECORATIONS: We hung curling ribbon in lime green and hot pink in our entryway sort of a makeshift curtain leading into the fun. We had balloons in the same green and pink floating randomly on the ceiling.

ACTIVITIES: When each girl arrived they received a hot pink feather boa (6 boas for $6 on ebay). Then they received a pink canvas bag ($1 each from the dollar bin at Target). I had glitzed the bags with rhinestone jewels and puffy painted each girls name on their bag.

The first activity was to get their toenails painted. This was similar to musical chairs. The girls sat in a circle facing outward and each girl had a mini bottle of nail polish in a hot summer color (Sally beauty supply $1 each). I played music of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cindi Lauper. The girls passed around the nail polish around the circle. When the music stopped whatever color they had they had to paint their big toes with then the music started and stopped again then whatever color they ended up with they painted their next toes etc etc. Then the last color they ended up with is what they painted on their fingernails.

The party favor was a pair of flip flops already in their bag which the girls put on after their toes were done. I called the moms ahead of time and got the sizes. The flip flops were $1 each from the Dollar Store.

Next my aunt set at a desk table and painted each girls fingernails. Then the girls placed their nail polish into their bag and it became a party favor.

The next activity was to get makeup done. My 16 y.o. niece did the makeup. I bought pink compacts that had eyeshadow and a colored lip gloss (Libby Lu compacts bought from ebay). This also became a party favor. Then the girls had their hair done with Conairs quickbead ($20 Toys R Us). Here their party favor was a hot pink compact mirror/mini brush which I also glitzed ($1 each Target). Next my sister face painted on their cheek. (face paints set ebay $15) and temp tattoos ($2 Party City).

The last thing was a game similar to pin the tail on the donkey. The girls were blindfolded and had to attempt to put lipstick on my 16 y.o. stepson's lips. This was really fun and funny!

FOOD: We served jelly sandwich rolls deviled eggs chocolate and yogurt covered strawberries munchies like pretzels and chips and m&m's. Instead of bday cake we served flower shaped cookies in a mini pot ($2 each Michaels). In the mini pot was a scoop of strawberry ice cream sprinkled with oreo crumbs and the flower cookie on a stick so it looked like a flower was growing out of the pot. Then we served an adult cake for the adults.

NOTES: This party was a huge success and my daughter's friends talked about this for weeks after and my daughter has even attended parties where her friends copied this idea! We had set 3 hours for this party however even with only 6 girls the party went 4 hours. This was my favorite party she's done!"

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