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Spa Day Party

Ooh La La Spa Party -9yr- Soap Petals




Michelle in McPherson, KS USA


August 2011


Special Mention

For my daughter's 9th birthday we chose a spa theme.  We had 6 girls attend and treated them to a complete Spa experience from the moment they walked in the door. 

INVITATIONS:   My mother used her Cricut to help make the invitations.  We used a paper doll cut out with a bath robe, hair towel, hand mirror, and cucumbers over the eyes and hand made cards.  Inside the invitation it said: Manicures, pedicures, & glamour galore...These are things that girls most adore!  Join us for the grand opening of Daughters’s Ohh La La Day Spa to help celebrate her 9th Birthday!  It will be a treat for your fingers and feet!  Included general information.  Instead of RSVP, I wrote, Your personalized reservation may be made by calling..." 

DECORATIONS:   On the front porch I put up streamers and balloons along with a giant Cricut cut out of the spa girl used on the invitations.  Also used the Cricut to cut out my daughter's name along with the words "Ooh La La Spa" and put those on the front door.    I decorated the inside with pinks and blues.  Hung floral strands (bought at Dollar Tree) in the doorway between the living room and the dining room to make it feel as though you are really entering the spa. Cleared the dining room table out of the dining room and set up tables set up for Manicures Pedicures and Hair Styling.  Tables were covered in blue plastic table cloths with blue pink & green tea lights flowers and a soothing water fountain.  The living room had plenty of plush pillows borrowed from around the house outlining a big teal blanket used as a rug to sit on and relax while opening gifts. 

Once inside the door each girl signed in with a check-in sheet.  This form included the girls name phone number just in case (it was a sleepover) and a column to assign the girls which station they would be at first.  Assignments were based on arrival to avoid hurt feelings.  Next to the check-in sheet was a list of "Spa Services" and the cost of each. We made purses out of scrapbook paper from an online template and placed "Spa dollars" inside that I printed off on my printer. They also were able to pick up their spa robes (bought on Amazon.com) and a set of 3 towels (cheap white hand towels and wash rags from Walmart) tied up in coordinating colored bows. There was another table with lots of bottled water to drink during the spa experience.  Handmade spa labels were on each bottle. Recruited 2 of my sisters and a friend to help with the Spa and gave each of them name tags. 

ACTIVITES:  We then put on their robes and divided into groups for the spa.  Turned on some Kids Bop music.  Each girl paid me and my friends/sisters for each service using their spa money.   

Manicures: Supplies needed: nail files nail clippers small bowls to soak nails in hand sanitizer nail polish nail polish dryer (bought a spray from Sally's Beauty Supply)  Each girl soaked her nails in a small bowl of water with a couple drops of hand sanitizer.  Then we clipped and filed the girls nails before painting.   

Pedicures: Supplies needed: nail clippers large bowls to soak feet foot scrub and lotion (bought Watermelon scented from Avon) hand sanitizer or a drop of soap nail polish.  My neighbor sells homemade soaps so I bought these "soap petals" from her.  Dropped them into the bowls instead of sanitizer or soap.  Soaked their feet for a few minutes used the pedicure scrub and lotion according to directions and painted toes. 

Hair Styles: My sister is a cosmetologist and did a quick hair style for each of the girls.  We had lots of bobby pins and made flower hair clips ahead of time for her to use if the girls wished.  We held a short photo shoot after the girls were done. 

CRAFTS:  I bought inexpensive plain white pillow cases for each girl.  They decorated them using Sharpies. 

FOOD:  We started the party in the afternoon so I provided an evening meal of sub sandwiches potato salad chips & strawberries.  After dinner we opened gifts.  Then we had cake.  (also provided a breakfast of chocolate donuts and fruit skewers in the morning) 

MORE ACTIVITES:  After all that food and cake we planned a Yoga session which the girls also "paid" for with their spa cash.  It was Bendi Girl Yoga and probably the most fun of the evening!  After about an hour of Yoga and girls being silly we went to the kitchen where I set up the "CafĂ©" and served "cappuccinos" which were chocolate milk in disposable coffee cups topped with whipped cream.  We ended the evening with a movie to fall asleep to. 

FAVORS: In the morning the girls used the remainder of their Spa Dollars to use at the "Botique"  Cheap jeweled rings and bracelets from Walmart Watermelon body wash body spray and lip gloss from Justice put into tiny gift bags.  A large lollipop that we found by chance that said "Ohh La La" on it! They took all of those home with them.    The girls did NOT take the robes home.  I've used them several times for spa play for sleepovers loaned to other friends and even 2 adult spa parties since then!"

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