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Spa Day Party

Pink Poodle Day Spa Party -9yr- Brochure Invite




LaSha in Grove Hill, AL  USA


March 2011


Runner Up

My daughter has been fascinated with the building of a new hotel in our city.  For her birthday, she simply wanted to spend the night in the hotel.  I decided to create the Pink Poodle Day Spa, which would be housed in the hotel, of course.  My mom helped tremendously with the entire party, and I could not have put it together without her.  My chosen color scheme was hot pink, black, and white, and everything was printed using the curlz font. 

INVITATIONS:  I created the invitations to look like an actual brochure from a Spa, printed on glossy paper.  They were long and skinny, 1/3 of a piece of an 8 1/5 x 11 piece of paper. The front had The Pink Poodle Day Spa in pink and black.  In the center was a picture of a pink poodle that was copied from the internet.  At the bottom was celebrating NAME's 9th birthday, printed in black.  (On everything I did, the words Pink Poodle were printed in hot pink; all other wording was printed in black).  The back of the brochure listed all the things the spa offered, with an appointment date and time written in at the bottom.   It read, Take a relaxing swim in our outdoor pool, then join us in our custom spa to experience lavish massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures, all while indulging in sweet treats and sparkling drinks.  You'll certainly be treated like the princess that you are located in the beautiful new Hampton Inn, CITY, STATE you have an appointment on ___ at ___.  They were mailed in pink envelopes.  I rented two rooms that were adjoining- one for the girls to sleep in, and the other for the actual spa party (my mom and I slept in this room).  Unknowing at the time, we were given a handicapped room, which worked out perfectly.  It was much bigger than a regular room, so we were able to utilize the space for the spa.  The big day arrived and the parents brought the girls for their appointments. 

Each girl's parent brought her to the spa (the hotel room).  I had everything set up on the bed when they arrived.  Each girl had a spa wrap, a bucket, and a hair clip.  My mom had made each girl a spa wrap-a hot pink towel with a black and white polka dotted ribbon accent.  I had made each girl a bucket to keep their goodies in.  I purchased small white 1 gallon buckets from Dollar Tree.  I covered each bucket with a piece a scrapbook paper that was different colors of pink, black, and white, striped; then I covered that with clear contact paper.  I made each girl a luggage tag, of sorts, with their name on it, and tied it to the handle of the bucket with black and white polka dotted ribbon.  In each bucket I placed hot pink crinkled shredded paper.  The hair clips were either black or white and were purchased from a beauty supply store for $1.  In each bucket was a bottle of hot pink nail polish, a bath salt container, two lip gloss containers, a bottle of hand sanitizer, and a small bottle of water.  (I'll describe these items a little later.) 

DECORATIONS:  I set up three card tables with hot pink plastic table covers on them.  One table held food; the other two I placed at the end of the two beds.  A fourth table was used for eating-it was a small three foot table I already had, that also had a hot pink cover.  The room was decorated with hot pink, black, and white balloons; hot pink tissue paper flowers I had made were in vases everywhere, and votive candles were scattered among the room.  I also had spa-like music playing. 

ACTIVITIES:  When the girls arrived, they changed into their swimsuits and we all went for a relaxing swim in the hotel pool.  We then came back to the room for refreshments.  I ordered the pink poodle party plates and napkins from www.birthdayinabox.com.  I purchased small glass champagne glasses from Dollar Tree and personalized each of them with vinyl lettering.  Each glass had the first initial of the girl's first name (in black, curlz font), then was covered with different sized dots in hot pink, black, and white (these would be taken home in their bucket as a party favor, and also doubled as place cards).  I bought black plastic silverware, also from Dollar Tree.  We had five girls so seating at the three foot table was cozy.  I also placed two tall crystal candlesticks in the center of the table with tall hot pink taper candles in them.  Several small votive candles were scattered on the table as well, with a center bouquet of pink tissue paper flowers I had made. 

PARTY SNACKS:  I tried to keep the color scheme in the food as well.  On the food table, I used all crystal or glass serving pieces, so as to keep it as fancy and spa-like as possible.   I had a three-tiered serving piece that held mini chocolate covered eclairs(Wal-mart), pink sugar wafers (Dollar General), and chocolate dipped pretzel sticks (not the rods-the small sticks).  A rectangular tray held strawberry marshmallows down the middle and was surrounded by chocolate covered strawberries.   Two martini glasses held silver Hershey's kisses and strawberry (they were pink) malted milk balls.  A small glass bowl held mini oreos, and another tray held mini Sara Lee strawberry cheesecake bites.   We had strawberry Fanta to drink (it was pink and sparkly).  The girls absolutely thought they were a princess! 

CAKE:  I had the cake made from a local baker.  It was two tiers-the bottom was white with different sized pink and black fondant vertical stripes on it, with a black border around the bottom with smaller white dots.  The top layer was pink with a pink poodle on the front, (replicated in fondant exactly from the plates and napkins).  There was a giant fondant number 9 that was black with small white dots that protruded from the top of the cake.  I found black and white polka dot and striped candles at Wal-mart that were placed around the top.  The cake sat on a pedestal style glass cake stand.  After eating, the girls changed into their spa wraps and were given their spa treatment.  They all started at a different station, so as to not have anyone waiting. 

One table held glass bowls of warm soapy water, pink washcloths, nail kits, pink polish, remover, cotton balls, Q-tips-anything you could think of for a manicure and a pedicure.   I was at this station.  My mom was giving massages on one of the beds.  Another girl had her feet soaking in one of those foot bath/massager things.  Another table held sliced cucumbers and a chocolate face mask.  (I found the recipe on the internet and pre-made the mask).   My mom applied the face masks and the cucumbers (in between massages) to the other girls, and they relaxed on the other bed while waiting to rotate to the next station.   All the girls went through each station. 

On the table with the cucumbers and the chocolate mask, I had set supplies for each girl to make her own lip gloss and bath salts.   I purchased very small empty paint containers from Hobby Lobby for the lip gloss.  They were clear, with clear plastic tops, so I took a black paint pen and put PP Day Spa on the top of each one, and then put hot pink dots.  I purchased clear, plastic, salt and pepper shakers from Dollar General to use for bath salt containers.  Each package contained one with a black lid and one with a white lid.  I created a label on the computer for each one that wrapped all the way around.  One side said soothing bath salts and the other side had the Pink Poodle Day Spa with a picture of the same poodle I had been using.  (This became like the spa logo).  I cut them to size and used spray adhesive to make them sticky.  The bath salts were nothing more than Epsom salts and liquid fragrance (purchased from Hobby Lobby).  The lip gloss was petroleum jelly, flavored with Kool-aid. 

The girls got to choose from three fragrances and two flavors of Kool-aid.    They got to mix and make their own and then put it into their own container.  I also purchased pink hand sanitizer from Dollar Tree and removed the label.  I, again, created my own label with the logo and the words Hand Sanitizer and attached it to the bottle using the spray adhesive.   As I mentioned earlier, there was also a small bottle of water in the bucket.   I also removed the label and made my own.  It also wrapped all the way around, had the logo on one side, and refreshing spring water on the other side.  I tied a piece of hot pink ribbon around the top of it to dress it up. 

After the spa treatments ended, the girls changed into their pajamas.  My daughter opened her presents while we waited on pizza to be delivered.  We then enjoyed good conversation and the Disney channel.  We woke the next morning to enjoy the free breakfast buffet at the hotel.  We all dressed for church, and I took the girls home when church was over.   FAVORS:  They all took home their bath wraps and buckets with hair clip, lip gloss, bath salts, hot pink nail polish, hand sanitizer, bottled water, and their glass.  This was a FANTASTIC party!!!!!  It was rather an easy party, but took a LOT of planning and prep-work before the last minute!   It was also relatively cheap, other than the cost of the two rooms.

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