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Spa Day Party

Pink Pajama Spa & Tea -8yr- Strawberry Smoothie




Jessica in South Jordan,Utah USA


March 2011


Honorable Mention

My daughter turned 8 and wanted a spa party and a tea party, so we did both. This party took place in August, so it was very warm outside. We decided to make our back patio into the spa and our dinner table into a tea party.

INVITATIONS: For her invitations we used pink and white card stock, cut long ways with fancy writing that read - Madison is turning 8. Please join us for a Pink Pajama Spa/Tea Party. We then listed the date, time, location and to please wear your pink pajamas. This party started in the evening, because we would be outside half the time and it was too hot during the day.

DECORATIONS: We decorated the inside of the house with small votive candles that were placed all over and lit just before the party started. Most of the lights were turned down. We also had an Enya CD playing softly for the mood. On the table we used a pink table cloth and pink tulle. We used cake stands and real tea party dishes (not kids tea party dishes, we bought ours at a second hand store). Over the table I hung a mesh mosquito net that draped over half the table, but mostly over the birthday girl's chair. We also added pink carnations in vases on the table and around the house. Outside we made it look like a spa.

There were three stations, with helpers at each station (friends and family helped out). On the manicure station we had a white table cloth with 4 chairs. Each manicure spot had a bowl of warm water with rose petals (pink, of course) in it, for soaking their nails. Also a rolled up white wash cloth, for drying, along with an assortment of lotions and nail polish colors to choose from.

The pedicure station had 4 foot baths (you can use the ones that are jetted or small foot bins from Wal-Mart, both work great). Each foot bath had a scented fizzy (the dollar store has all the spa stuff you need) with rose petals and a medium size white towel (white wash rags and towels are super cheap at Wal-Mart, ShopKo, etc..) rolled for each girl to dry off, as well. On a small round table we had foot scrubs, lotions and nail polish to choose from. They also got a kids magazine to look at while getting a pedicure.

At the facial station, we had 4 comfy chairs for the girls to relax in. We had a small table with an assortment of masks to choose from and a tray of warm, white wash rags, rolled up (we heated in the microwave) to steam their face before and after the facial. Be sure to find a mask that is for very sensitive skin or it might sting their face. Also, all of the chairs were draped with white towels to look like a spa.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: When the girls arrived they all had on pink pajamas (it was so cute). We escorted them through the house to the back patio. Each girl got a manicure with a hand massage, a pedicure with a foot massage and foot scrub and a facial. We rotated in groups of 4. During the facial each girl was brought a strawberry smoothie on a tray in a fancy cup with a straw. While their masks dried they sipped on their drink and chatted. When every girl had been to every station, we brought them into the living room, where Enya was playing with the candles lit.

By this time the sun was setting and it was very peaceful. All the girls laid down on the floor, with their heads touching in a circle. We then laid cucumber slices on their eyes and let them relax for a few minutes (This is a good time to take a very memorable picture). While the girls relaxed we prepared the tea party. As soon as they were ready, we had them all take a seat at the table for a yummy tea party. Each girl got to choose from an assortment of treats and had some pink punch. This was also a good time to sing to the birthday girl. After the tea party it was time to open presents. While doing this we took a group photo and watched a DVD that I had made earlier of Madison. From the time she was born to present day. It had some of her favorite songs and the girls loved it.

PARTY SNACKS: For party snacks everything we used was PINK. We made it clear that dinner would not be served at this party so everything was just fun snacks. We had fresh strawberries, strawberry marshmallows, strawberry whoppers, pink wafers, tiny pink cupcakes and pink punch. All of the food was arranged on cake stands, on the table and looked fun and fancy. We put the whoppers and marshmallows in pink cupcake liners to look pretty and to hold them in place.

CAKE: Madison didn't want a cake so we used a tiny pink cupcake with a candle in it. It was perfect for our theme.

FAVORS: In a clear cellophane bag I put some pink bath fizzies, some pink bubble gum, a pink pedicure kit and pink nail polish (all bought at the dollar store). Tied with a pink ribbon. The girls loved it and my daughter loved it. It was a lot of work, but worth it.

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