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Girly Girlz Spa -6yr- Picture Frame Craft




Kim in Phoenix, AZ


February 2011


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted to have a party similar to a Girly Girlz party or a Glam Truck party; however, she wanted to invite all her girl friends from her Kindergarten class.  So, we decided to put together our own Day Spa" for the girls.  We had 19 girls attend the party and without the help of my friends (16 mom's and 2 dads) this party would not have worked! 

Invitations:  I went to Big Lots and was able to find white invitation with daisies embossed on them.  I then printed out the invitations on my home computer using pink and lavender print.  On the invitation we wrote:  Mani's Pedi's and hair-dos galore  Come and enjoy a day of pampering glam and glitz...  XXXX is turning Six!!!  An appointment has been made at "The (our last name) Day Spa" with our home address date and time.  We also had at the bottom of the invite "Please call  XXX at our phone number to RSVP and confirm your appointment."  The invitations looked so professional that I had a few moms comment and ask how much we paid to have the invites professionally done.  We also had one dad comment "I can't believe they are really taking the girls to a day spa". 

Decorations/Activities/Games:  I went to the dollar store and bought hot pink table cloths plates and napkins. At Target's dollar section I bought hot pink baskets and bins.  At the front door we made a sign that read "Welcome to the XXX Day Spa.  Spa hours 1100 am - 2:30 pm (the actual party time) and By Appointment Only. The night before my husband moved out all of our funiture from our living room and kitchen.  We set up the following stations: 

Hair do station:  We had 5 tall bar stools lined up for the girls to sit on to have their hair done.  We had curling irons to curl hair. Hair Detangler and water bottles to spray the hair down was also available.  In the pink buckets we had glitter hair spray (bought at walmart and claire's) hair clips and hair ties (from oriental trading co.)  for sanitary reasons each girl was given her own hair brush (from the dollar store) to be used during the hair station.  I had each brush labeled with the girls' names on it and when they were done the brushes went into their goody bag (also hot pink --from the dollar store). 

Mani and Pedi station: We had in the kitchen area (close to the sink).  I had 5 stations there as well.  We had 5 kitchen chairs with foot stools in front of them.  On the foot stools I had buckets of warm water for the girls to soak their feet in and stacks of hand towels next to the buckets to dry their feet. And in front of the water buckets (dollar store) we had stools for the mom's to sit in.  In the pink buckets I had nail polish remover cotton nail decales (walmart) and quick drying top coat.  On a table near by the girls were able to pick what nail polish colors they wanted (nail polish I got at walmart walgreens and borrowed from friends).  The girls got to have their mani's and pedi's done and have the nail decals on their thumbs and big toes.  After each girl was done my husband emptied out the water bucket and replaced it with clean warm water for the next girl. 

Craft station:  At the dollar section in Target I was able to pick up picture frame making kits.  At Michael's I was able to pick up wooden pictures to color with the pens included.  At Joann's I bought supplies to make keychains with multi-colored beads.  These went home also as the girls party favors in their goody bags. Also at the craft station we had jeweled tatoo's for the girls to put on (from Oriental trading co.) 

Video game station:  We set up our TV room as a gaming area for the girls.  We had Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii.  We were able to borrow another dance pad from a friend and this way 2 girls could compete against each other.  We also borrowed my friend's Hannah Montana guitar video game that attaches to a big screen TV. And we had another Hannah Montana TV video game going on at the same time.  The music was definitely blaring through the house!  I placed the girls into 4 teams and differentiated them by colors.  That way each color group rotated to a different station at the same time and no one was left out. 

Party snacks and cake:  We went ahead and served the food before we started the activities.  This way all the girls could be at the party and not miss a station if they were late.  We ordered Costco pizza and cake.  We also had the costco fruit bowls. 

Party Favors:  We basically had the brushes hair clips hair ties items the girls did at the craft station as their favors.  But I was also able to find Littlest Pet Shop Stuffed animals on 75% clearance at Target and picked them up for $2/animal.  So the girls went home with an extra little treat. 

Needless to say it was a lot of work and preparation.  But so worth it!!!  The girls talked about it for days afterwards!  I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without the help of my husband and all the moms who volunteered to help out.  I also gave the mom's a little thank you party favor at the end."

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