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Spa Day Party

Hello Kitty Spa Party -5yr- Special Party Bathrobes




Kimberly in Fort Lauderdale florida USA


July 2010


Special Mention

For my daughter's 5th birthday party we did a spa party with a hello kitty theme.  I made signs with polka dots and a hello kitty face (I used glitter for the bow in the hair) that had the stations written: Manicure, Pedicure, Facials, Hair, and Make-Up.  I also had made signs that said Waiting Room, Welcome, Please Sign in , and lastly Walk-Ins Welcome at the front door.  When the kids came in the house we had a little table set up with a hello kitty appointment book with all the girls names so my daughter could sign them in, it also served as an autograph book for her enjoyment later.  They also got a pink bathrobe that had a hello kitty patch sewed onto it. 

The bathrobes were made from an adult size shirt cut up the middle and a little 1 inch piece cut from around the bottom served as the tie.  The girls loved getting a bathrobe as they walked in.  They also recieved an itenerary of what station they were to go to first.  This split up the girls throughout the stations. My daughter then escorted them to the waiting room, aka our living room, with soothing music playing as well as kid magazine and books to look at.  She also offered them a glass of spa water which was water with oranges floating in the glass travis tumbler.  In the wating room, while the girls were waiting for everyone to arrive, they also decorated flip flips with stickers and bows.  These were the shoes they were to wear after their pedicure.  On the table was a hello kitty tablecloth, 3 glass containers filled with different kinds of pink candy.  1 was filled with pink rock candy, 1 was pink and white mints and the last container had button dot candy.  Also had pink and white polka dot balloons in the middle of the table.  Once all the girls finished with their flip flops we headed to the stations.  I had the parents help which made it so much easier. 

For facials I had a sheet laid out on the ground with a towel placed underneath for the pillow.  Each girl got a facial mask done with cucumbers over their eyes.  They then rinsed it off with a pink washcloth that I had drawn a hello kitty face on with a black sharpie marker.  The girls got to keep their make-up.  I had found lipstick and eyeshadow all in one compact.  On the front cover  I had drawn a hello kitty face with a sharpie.  They then finished the make-up off with a glitter star from sweet and sassy I had bought. 

For manicures, they got their hands massaged with lotion.  I took off the label of the lotion and glued a hello kitty face on it.  Then their nails were filed with a hello kitty nail file I found and painted.  Lastly, a little nail jewel was applied.  They also got to keep their nailpolish and I had placed a hello kitty sticker on the bottle. 

The pedicures were the same, their feet were first soaked in a pink basin I had found at the dollar store (and I drew a hello kitty face on each of the basins) and then the girls soaked their feet.  The basins were filled with bubbles.  I also placed a hello kitty face I printed off the interent on the bubble bottle.  Then their legs were massaged and nails painted. 

For hair, all the girls got an updo and I make hairbows, so I made each of the girls a hairbow and the center of the hairbow was a hello kitty bauble I had bought.  The girls got to keep their bathrobe, nail file, nailpolish, pink washcloth, make-up, flip flops, and hairbow.  I bought a little plastic tote for each to put all their goodies in and I had drawn a hello kitty face on the totes as well.  The girls had so much fun!

As for food, I had a pink tablecloth on the table and the center piece was 2 big glass jars.  1 was filled with pink and white bubble gum balls and the second was filled with purple bubble gum balls.  I had white dasiy's sticking out of each along with large pink suckers I had found that I placed a hello kitty sticker on also sticking out of the bubble gum jars.  I also put pink tulle around the suckers.  Then I had pink polka dot balloons.  I had made pink and white large flower cut-out iced cookies, I also used the large flower cookie cutter to make ham and cheese and PB&J sanwiches in that shape.  I had watermelon and chips and mac and cheese as well to eat.  The plates were all pink and the napkins were hello kitty. 

I also had cupcakes made that had pink icing and pink sprinkles with a hello kitty center for each. These were for the adults because for the kids I actually made their own personal purse cakes.  These were the hit of the party!  I made a few cakes in a 9x13 pan and then I used a large glass to cut out circles.  I sliced a little off the bottom of each circle so the cakes would stand up like a half moon.  I then iced all the cakes pink.  Using white icing I piped the edges and a flap (the opening of the purse)  I used a little red mini m&m for the button on the flap.  Then I used a little bit of red licorice for the handle.  Each of the cakes were placed on a white cake cardboard you buy in the cake section and then a hello kitty sticker was placed on the cardboard.  So easy to make and so cute!  This party was a super hit and my girls still play spa party with all the left over goodies.

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