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Spa Day Party

Nail Salon Party - Musical Toes




Cierra in Queensbury, New York, United States of America


February 2010


Honorable Mention

INVITATION: The invitation will be a coupon. It will say something along the lines of You have a ticket for one free nail spa at the Starlight Nail Spa including: Buffing, Painting (removing of any nail polish), hand massaging, nail soaking, clipping and filing. You can make a request for new ideas and bring your own polish.  

DECORATIONS: There can be a poster hanging up on the wall of the room where you are doing nails with little drawn nails on it with a design so your peers can know what you can do with their nails. Also you could buy blank CD's and put fake nails around the circle on top. The person getting their nails done can take fake nails from a different container that match the ones on the CD and put them on. This way the CD's look cute and show off different kinds of fake nails that they can have. You could also string a bunch of packs of stickers from a string hanging from the ceiling. They will look like dangling streamers and you can just pull a pack off if you want to use a sticker off the sheet.

Everything you buy for doing their nails can decorate and be used. Also string some lights on the spot where they are getting their nails painted and then it will be bright enough for the nail artist and it will go with the title of the nail place. You could also hang the lights from the ceiling (and anywhere else you like) or across the top of the ceiling so when you look up it looks just like stars since it is the Starlight Nail Spa.  

ACTIVITIES/GAMES : Painting nails of course. Also you could have a picture of hands with fingers on it but the fingers wouldn't have nails. You could use some of the extra fake nails (off the CD's if necessary or if people didn't wear them) and play pin the nails on the fingers. There are 10 fingers so depending on how big of a party you have you can get an extra poster or if you have less than 10 they can each have their own finger. (if they can find the right finger)You could call it Pin the nails on the hands.

Musical toes would be a great game, too. It would be everyone sits in a chair. The chairs are all in a circle and everyone gets handed a nail polish. You need some sort of music to play and pause. Someone needs to be at the music. When the music plays everyone starts passing the nail polish in a circle. ( It can be counter clockwise or clockwise) When the music stops or pauses everyone takes the nail polish they are holding and paints one toe. Then the music starts again. You want to play the music at different lengths so you don't get the same one again. You keep doing that until each person has their toe-nails all painted different colors.

The game is a fun process which results in groovy toes and you get to listen to some cool music while your waiting to paint. While other people are getting their nails done you could put game boards out. You could do two people games so they are quick and you can always just go and get your nails done quick. Or you can do group games so when one person finishes getting  their nails done they can just play the part of the next person going up. 

COSTUMES: The person painting nails could wear something that is okay to get nail polish on(nail polish doesn't come out of clothes)Also, everyone else wants to wear something to roll up or be not full length for painting. Like capris and a t-shirt or a three quarter sleeve shirt.  

PARTY SNACKS: party snacks should be fruit or pretzel sticks or anything else long. With fruit you can poke it with a toothpick and not have to use your fingers to pick it up and ruin them. Also, pretzel sticks are great because the part that you are eating your finger doesn't have to be near so you don't accidentally lick your finger.  

CAKE: The cake could be a hand shape or a nail polish shape. The icing would be a tan for the hand and a black and whatever your favorite color nail polish is for the polish. You could add nails and even writing to the bottle for a brand name. You could go all out or keep it simple.  

FAVORS: Favors could be a container of nail polish. They can all pick a color. Also, if they didn't get fake nails on they could take a set home. If they did get them on then they could take home a set of stickers. They could choose anything from extras. Also, a nail filer and nail clippers since they will need to keep their nails looking sharp as ever.

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