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Jean in Rochester, NY


January 2010


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 9th birthday we had a Spa Party at our home. 

The invitation invited the girls to an afternoon of pampering and asked that they bring their bathrobes and asked that they confirm their appointment" by calling or e-mailing us.  We set up our sofa table as a reception desk and when the girls arrived they received their personal treatment schedule.  For the treatments the girls were split into three groups of three girls each.  Each group had a name Smoothie Sippers Flip Floppers and Sunny Ladies.  On card stock we printed each girl's name group name an icon of their group name and the order they would receive their treatments. 

First the girls did a couple of activities.  I bought epsom salts and added lavender scent and soap dye we had four colors.  The girls layered the colors into small glass bottles to bring home.  I bought flip flops for every girl from Hobby Lobby.  I had their initials on the back of each one (I had e-mailed each mom asking their shoe size) and they decorated them with stick-on jewels.  They came out very cute! 

Next we played a couple of games.  The pinata was in the shape of a nail polish bottle and we played "stick the cucumbers on the facial lady."  The cucumbers were photographs and took and reprinted the "facial lady" was drawn on a poster board.  The girls wore a sleeping make and tried to pin the cucumbers on the lady where her eyes were.  Very fun.  The girls then rotated through their treatments the pedicures were in the kitchen we used three plastic tubs to soak their feet before massaging them and applying nail polish.  The manicures were in our "sun porch" (a small family room). 

For the pedicures and manicures we had Bath and Body Works lotion at both stations for massaging hands and feet.  Also nail polish remover filescotton balls and nail clippers.  I only put my polishes that were fast drying.  Both stations also offered nail decals sold at Justice and other stores.  The facial station was in my daughters bedroom.  The girls layed side by side on a sheet with their heads in a neck pillow. We put a cloth head band on them (they could keep these) then we cleaned the girls faces with water applied a Clinique mask cucumbers on their eyes massages their necks and shoulders took off their mask with a warm wet washcloth then applied Estee Lauder toner and Clinique moisterizer.  I didn't want to apply anything harsh to their young skin.  Last we asked if they wanted a little blush and lip gloss and the answer was always a resounding yes. 

After the nine girls rotated through the three stations we had smoothies sugar cookies in the shape of a nail polish bottle and a cake with the facial lady drawn on top with cake gels.  I was going to make the smoothies but instead of keeping the blender going we just bought Yo to Go much easier!  They're in small boxes like juice. Also made a fruit salad which the girls loved and served pink M&M's. 

I always buy the breast cancer awareness bags when they're out and save them for my daughter's kids' and family party.  In addition to the pink table cloth and pink striped dishes we had pink tulips and pink and purple posies all around the house.  We also had Vivaldi's Four Seasons playing as a soothing backdrop.  The cups on the table were clear plastic with spa stickers on them  In terms of help I asked five other moms to help me so we had two adults per station which seemed to work fine.  I asked them to wear a black top for a consistent look and bought flower bordered name tags for them to wear.  Each helper was Miss (first name) Each station had a list of what to do in what order. 

The nail polish pinata mostly contained candy (chocolate hearts) but also lip gloss enough for 1 lip gloss per girl.    My husband and son took pictures since I was busy giving facials and making sure all the helpers had what they needed.  The goody bags:  I bought bulk Shea Butter from Michaels tinted it pink added lavender scent and put it in smaller bottles also from Michaels.  My husband made custom labels with each girls name on it "Shea Butter Lotion Prepared Espcially for Lexi  Anna's Day Spa"  Also included a small manicure set (dollar store) bath oil beads in adorable shapes from American Soap Company on-line scented soap and a small nail polish bottle. 

The goody bags were pink gauze bags from Michael's wedding aisle. They worked out well in that you could see the girls name on their bottle of lotion through the bag.  Good idea to hand them out on their way out the door.  The girls had a blast and now THEY want a spa party for their birthday.  It was fun to plan for my daughter and me.  The girls went home with their decorated flip flops pinata goody bag bath salts and the pink gauze goody bag.  Ooh one more thing we saved Anna's magazines to keep in the "waiting room."  American Girl etc…"

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