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Spa Day Party

Chocolate Spa Party - Favor Bag of Spa Goods




Sue in Chincoteague, VA


January 2010


Honorable Mention

For my birthday I wanted to do a spa- themed party, but I wasn't quite sure what my underlying theme would be. While looking online for ideas, I saw my inspiration- the hershey's spa!  I learned that at the spa, clients soaked in chocolate.  I had heard of it before, but had never given it much thought.  What if my mom and I could replicate the Hershey's spa in our own home?  To start, my mom and I had to decide what treatments the spa was going to offer.  We decided on facials, manicures, pedicures, and soaking in our hot tub.  We bought all the necessary supplies.

For the invitations, we took crisp mint green cardstock and folded it landscape style. Then we pasted two thin sheets of silver paper close to the ends of both sides. Then we pasted chocolate brown rectangle shaped paper over it, with the silver showing at the ends. It looked like a chocolate bar.  We wrote on the front of the bar: You're Invited To- The Chocolate Spa. Inside was like a spa pamphlet- with the time, amenities, etc. We put them in matching envelopes and sent them to my friends. 

Before the party, my whole family worked on decorations. We were going to host the spa part in our finished basement. Although the Hershey Spa is decorated with lots of yellows, my decorations were chocolate brown, mint green, and bubblegum pink.  We arranged 5 chairs in a circle, and put a small table in the center with finger/spa foods on it.  We already owned a foot spa, and we borrowed some from neighbors. 

For the food, my mom got homemade pizza, mozzarella sticks, chips, pretzels, Dr. Pepper, and made my cake, sorbet, and frozen hot chocolate(with the recipe from Serendipity) herself. While the guests arrived, we made chocolate lip balm with aloe vera gel, glitter, and cocoa powder. When all the guests arrived, my mom handed out our goody bags- filled with hair combs, lotions, lip balm, a mint green towel, a hairband, a cute nail file with brown and pink stripes, and an I love chocolate t-shirt. My mom made the shirts herself with our printer.  They were mint green with brown letters and the word love in pink. My mom took us downstairs to the basement and we sat in our chairs.  My mom introduced 4 teenage girls from our neighborhood that she hired. They were all wearing an I love chocolate t- shirt. They were going to work on us, along with my mom.     

They started by appling our chocolate facials.  First they covered our faces with a towel that was wringed in warm water.  Then they patted our faces dry, and applied the chocolate mask.  With our eyes covered by cucumbers, we relaxed while getting our feet done.  They soaked in the footbaths, and then our feet were covered in a chocolate sugar scrub, then dipped in melted warm chocolate. It was pretty fun. Then our nails were painted in a French manicure, but Hershey style.  The design was done with two shades of brown!  Then our hands were done, it was basically the same treatment as our feet, but instead of a footbath we used bowls of warm water.

During our treatments, we snacked on our finger foods, and sipped frozen hot chocolate.  After everything was over, we put on our bathing suits ( which they were told to bring in the invitations), and ran for the hot tub.  We had bought aromatherapy perfumes for hot tubs, so that was really  relaxing. We sat there and sipped our drinks. When it was time for us to get out we were all freezing and cold.  To cure us, we had to eat a lot of pizza, and mozzarella sticks, and pretzels, fruit, and marshmallows dipped in our chocolate fountain. 

Then it was time for cake!  Believe it or not, the cake wasn't chocolate.  It was vanilla with chocolate frosting with mint pieces folded in between the layers, with the the outer part covered in mint green frosting. On the sides were pink, brown and white icing ribbons.  The top of the cake had my happy birthday written on it with white icing.  Instead of candles, my mom used sparklers.  Not sparkler candles, which are really lame, but real sparklers. They were really cool!  It was served with homemade chocolate and berry sorbet. Then we went downstairs to get out hair done before their parents came to pick them up.  I got my hair curled.  My party was really fun, and I strongly suggest the theme.  We either made the chocolate stuff, or bought it online. An idea that I wanted to use: cocoa bronzing powder.  We couldn't figure out how to do it.

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