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Spa Day Party

Chocolate Spa Party -8yr- Stack the Oreos




Kate in Blackduck, Minnesota, USA


November 2009


Honorable Mention

My daughter wanted a Hersheys spa party because we both love chocolate and saw the chocolate spa on a special about Hersheys, PA. So I started doing some research and found out that chocolate parties are all the rave.  So in a week here is what we put together. 

The invitation was handmade with light pink card stock and brown cardstock The brown overlaped the pink with the bottom 1.5 inches  of pink showing that had I love Chocolate" cut out showing the brown behind it.  Then I went on the internet and downloaded a bunch of chocolate pictures which we copied and printed then we cut out and glued on raised rubber to the front. The front said Your Invited.... The inside said.  To a day at the Chocolate spa to celebrate Adaiah who will soon be eight. Sunday October 11th is the wonderful day from 1 to 5pm. We would lover for you and your mom to come to our house and be pampered that day. Come dressed in comfortable clothes and be prepared to wiggle your fingers and toes in Chocolate. Bring a plain t-shirt with you any light color will do. Please enjoy a lunch before you come so you can spoil yourself with all the yummy fun. All this to celebrate Adaiah and her special guest of you and your mother too. 

For decorations we had a light pink table cloth and light colored bags with homemade stickers that said. "Stay away from the chocolate and no one gets hurt". "Adaiah's 8th birthday" I also bought a bunch of chocolate holloween candy and placed it in containers in various places around the room.

The cake was a two tear chocolate cake with chocolate foundont icing and light pink mint flavored buttercream frosting that made circles squares and triangle swirls. Then a large Hersheys bar was stuck in the top.

For drinks chocolate milk hot coca and sprite were offered.  When the girls and their mothers started showing up we had the girls invent their own candy bar. I purchased long cupcake paper at the local dollor store  each girl got two and we used melted almond bark and various fillings such as colored sprinkles carmel marshmellows m&ms peanut butter almonds chocolate chips and coconut. Which each girl could choose three for thier candy bar. We filled the bottom of the cupcake paper with melted almond bark and they then filled the middle with their choices and we topped it off with more almond bark. Let it harden and wal-la a one of a kind candy bar. 

While the kids did this the mothers took the t-shirts and ironed on a decal which we had printed on the computer. They said "I love Chocolate" for the front of the shirt and "Stay away from the Chocolate and no one gets hurt." on the back. The mothers then got to make thier own candy bar during the down time of the party. 

Next we played stack the oreos. Each girl got 5 oreos and they went around the table building a single tower whoever knocked the tower over the girl before won an oreo to eat.  Then it was onto the living room which was set up as a spa.  We taped pink plastic table cloths to the floor to protect the carpet.

Then we had tubs for each mother-daugher crew which we filled with hot water and a chocolate foot soak made from coca ebsons salts salt and mint extract. Light music was  also playing in the background. The girls and their mothers each had 4 brown washclothes(purchaed for $3 for 8 at the local discount store) beside them to wipe their feet and a suger scrub to exfoliate thier feet made from olive oil brown suger and white suger. Each item was in a baby food jar with our homemade stickers on them.   We also had small tubs on tables beside them to soak thier hands in.  While soaking our hands and feet we watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory. 

When we were done soaking we used lavender hand and foot lotion and painted our nails on our hands and feet a milk chocolate color.  Finally we pampered our faces with a delicious chocolate facial made from yogert stawberries and coca.  This was especially exciting for the little girls and left your face feeling soft and tight.  The gils and their mothers left with a goodie bag of chocolate a bag of chocolate foot/hand salts a jar of suger rub and a bracelate not to mention thier t-shirt thier chocolate candy bars and a relaxed feeling of spending the day at the chocolate spa with thier mother.  Everyone loved it and were raving about it for days to come. "

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