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Spa Day Party

Spa Experience -10yr- Pedicure Musical Chairs




Sharon in Chalfont, PA USA


May 2009


Special Mention

My soon-to-be-10-yr-old daughter wanted a spa birthday party, and since the local kid's spa in town went OOB, we had it at home.  This turned out better as the girls could choose their own spa treatments, spending less time on the treatments they didn't really like and more on ones they found unexpectedly enjoyable. 

For invitations, I used cardstock and scissors that cut fancy lines.  Put a smaller fancy-cut piece of cardstock on bigger, folded one.  Front said Join us for a relaxing afternoon at the spa". My daughter & I decorated it with spa/makeup stickers from Walmart. Inside contained relevant info on location date time (I alotted 3 hours) and instructions (I let all the girls know to wear the robe & hairband of their choice).  We invited 8 girls 1 couldn't come so at the party we had a total of 8 including my daughter.  Perfect number for equally dividing into teams for games. 

As far as decorations we covered the couches in family room with sheets and put all kinds of pillows on the floor for a spa-like feel.  My daughter closed the shades and we put on relaxing music from the free Music Choice station we get from our cable lineup.  You could also use a relaxing CD or two.  I had teen/tween magazines for them to read (they LOVED that) and candles.  My neighbor and I were the Staff so we had nametags identifying us as such. 

The girls had nametags identifying themselves as guests and when they came in they "checked in" in a little guest book that I had made up like at a real spa.  They then signed 5x7 picture frame with a sharpie that I'll put a group shot in later for a keepsake for my daughter.  Signs on front door: "Welcome to The Spa" "Appointments Preferred but Walk-ins Welcome etc."  All guests got an ugly granny-like shower cap when they first came in. (they cracked up at that).  It protected their hair etc when they did face masks and it got them laughing. 

Activities included: a craft making homemade bath salts.  Easy as pie and recipe is online.  You can also do many other homemade spa products but this one seemed the fastest and easiest.  Several games: hair braiding race (tie 3 equal lengths of rope to backs of 2 chairs divide into 2 teams and try to have your team each braid and undo your braid the fastest.) 

Cotton ball race (put equal number of cotton balls but not too many in 2 bowls.  Place another empty bowl next to those bowls.  The goal is to have your team members move the cotton balls from one bowl to the other using a spoon in your mouth. No hands.  Each girl can do like 3 or 4 balls and then move on to next player).  This was fun. 

Hair Style Contest (2 teams of 2 girls each. Rest are judges.  Each team consists of 1 styler and one model.  Styler tries to make the best hairdo possible using provided hairbows barrettes headbands bobbypins etc.  Then they are judged on their hairstyles by their peers and they pick a winner.  But everybody wins b/c it's fun.) 

I also had 2 games "in reserve" in case we had time but we didn't end up playing them.  They're still good ideas and can be used if you do have down time: Identify the body lotion/body spray scent (cover the label of lotions/body sprays. Spritz on a piece of card stock or girls can smell it. Try to determine the smell.  Do same with body lotion putting either a small amount on girl's arm or on a piece of cardboard so they don't totally stink at the end of the game.  Pick easier scents like fruit flavors so they have a shot at getting them right.  Girl with most correct answers wins.)

Pedicure Musical Chairs (play like musical chairs but with nail polish.  All girls pick a shade of nail polish the more variety the better.  Play music.  When music stops each gal must paint one toenail the color of polish they are holding.  Do this until all girls' toes are painted.  Hilarious.) 

Cake: I combined several ideas I found online and made a cake that looked like a nail polish bottle (one loaf pan and one circular layer cake pan) and one that looked like a face with a green icing mask and cukes over eyes (the other circular layer cake pan). Very adorable.  Snacks can be anything spa-like although my daughter also insisted on pizza (can do cut up veggies fruit finger foods).  Make drinks spa water (ice water in pitcher with lemon or orange slices). Or juice in "fancy" cups. 

Spa Treaments included: Foot soak in a foot spa that bubbles (i did this in the kitchen).  Lotion and foot massage afterwards.  Manicures with nail color of their choice (also in kitchen).  Girls gave each other massages with wooden massage thingees so their hands wouldn't get toot tired (back in family room while others were still getting treatment). 

They also donned their shower caps and put on face mask stuff (again from Walmart) and cucumbers which was the HIT of the party.  The cucumbers on the eyes were unbelievable funny to them.  Have them then put their heads in a circle and get a picture.  This one or another group shot is great to put in the signed pic frame.  The magazines are also good during this stage as some girls are getting treatments and some girls are waiting.  This really occupied them and kept them chatting.  Rest of time was used opening gifts  and just relaxing at end. 

The girls had a blast and each went home with a goody bag filled with spa treats like a nail file lotion and body spritz and a scrubby pouf and some candy.  Very girly and fun.  Not too young or old for them either and not very expensive. "

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