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Spa Day Party

Spectacular Spa Party -12yr- Blind Makeup Game




Callie in Washington, USA


April 2009


Special Mention

For my 12th birthday I decided to do a Spa Theme. Me and my friends are girly girls, so I wanted something that we would all enjoy and that was inexspensive but more than just a pizza-and-movies thing. This turned out to be a blast! INVITATIONS~~For the invites I bought some polka-dotted ones at Wal-Mart and wrote all the info on it, plus saying it was a spa party so bring your robes, slippers, and all your overnight stuff. On the outside of the envelope I put 'Its A Spatacular Spa Party!' I sent out the invites about 2 weeks ahead of time and had them RSVP. The RSVP cut-off date was five days before the party, which was a good cutoff date. I invited 9 girls (10 including me) but ended up with seven (8 including me) which was a really good number!

DECORATIONS~~I did a color theme of purple and yellow. Upstairs, which was where we were gonna be eating and stuff, I had a purple tablecloth, yellow napkins, yellow plates, purple cups, purple silverware, purple&yellow streamers, and yellow balloons. The balloons I put on the back of every chair, and the streamers were just on the walls, over doorways, that type of thing. Then for the spa. We did it in my basement, which is fully furnished and middle-sized. On the door to the basement we put a sign that said: 'WELCOME TO THE SPATACULAR RELAXAATION SPA' and had a picture of a girl with a towel on her head and wearing a bathrobe and slippers. We just made that off of the computer and found the pic on the internet. Then downstairs we made it very relaxing. We had a big couch in the middle of the room with white sheets draped over it, and a matress to one side with another white sheet over it. We had little scented tea candles floating in bowls of water sat around, along with vases of fresh lilacs (which fit in well with the purple theme) that we got from my neighbor's bush (ASK FIRST!). We had pillows sitting around here-and-there, with a CD player playing relaxing music. It was overall very peaceful and nice looking!

ACTIVITIES~~When the guests arrived we started by having cake and ice cream and presents, because two of the girls had to leave early. After that we went downstairs to start our SPA treatment! We had four stations, with my sister, mom, and sister's friend helping. Us girls divided up into four groups, two in each group (we did this by drawing names so no one argued) and each group did one station at a time, and after about 15 minutes, switched.

STATION ONE was facials. My sister's friend ran this station. We got to pick from two different kinds of facial masks--pineapple peeling mask or oatmeal facial which you had to wash off. The facialist (aka sister's friend) put our choice on our faces, then put cucumbers over our eyes (this was funny!) and let us lay on the matress for about 13 minutes. Then we went upstairs, washed off our faces in the Ladies Only Bathroom" and came back down and went to

STATION TWO. That was nails ran by my mother. One of us soaked our hands in the hand soak while the other got her nails painted (using super fast nail dry) finger nails buffed and decals on (optional). After the nails were done and dry the two switched and the other one got her nails done. After that we got to choose from three different kinds of lotion to put on our hands. While we were getting our nails done we had one these hilarious eye masks which was really funny and a good effect! Then we went to

STATION THREE which was pedicures. Here was almost the same as manicures. One put her feet in a foot soak and the other got her toenails done. Then we switched and after that we got our choice of lotion to put on our feet. Then

STATION FOUR! This one we made homemade lip gloss using petroleum jelly flavored Kool-Aid mix and little containers we found at the Dollar Tree. At first everyone thought it was gross but it turned out really cool! This was also an added favor. It took less time than we thought so we had everyone make two.

All while the spa was going on we had a TV playing She's The Man so if anyone was bored while they were getting pampered (which did'nt happen by the way)they could watch that. We had it on really low volume with captions on so it didn't clash with the relaxation music. We also had High School Musical 3 Madagascar The Lizzie McGuire Movie Bolt and Camp Rock available to watch if anyone didn't like or wasn't allowed to watch She's The Man. All while this was going on my little sister walked aruond with a tray of food offering the girls something and calling them ma'am and being overly polite which was really funny (she's only 7!). After the spa treatment was done the two girls had to leave so they left and we gave them their goodie bags.

Then we played our games. We chose what to play first by drawing to see which one to play. (If you want to know what we played then scroll down to the GAMES part). After that we got in our PJs and made smoothies! We set out a smoothie bar and everyone got to pick what they wanted. By then it was pretty late so we just went to my room and played Truth Or Dare board games and just had a good time. We slept until 10AM! When we woke up we had a big breakfast and then we wanted to play one of the games over so we did that. Then we went outside and decided to go Tomboy for the rest of the party. We played soccer volleyball basketball and all kinds of other sports until it was time for lunch. We went inside and ate that and by then it was time for everyone to go home. I gave them their goodie bags and they left.

GAMES~~The games we played were (in this order) Spalicious Relay Race: WE had two teams in two lines and on the count of three the first person of each team ran over to their team's pile and had to put on a robe slippers big goofy sunglasses a Cat In The Hat hat pretend to brush their teeth and then do the "booty dance" take off everything and then run back and tag their next teamate. The first team to get everyone done won!

BLIND MAKEUP: This wasn't done as a race but it was so hilarious (this was the game we played over!). Each girl got a partner and then each two girls took turns doing this so everyone could watch. One girl was blindfolded and had to do a makeover on her partner! We used lipliner (this was the funniest!) eyeliner (just on the top it hurt too much to do it on the bottom) blush BRIGHT RED lipstick and eyeshadow. After they were done they switched and did it vice-versa. Everyone took a turn doing this. It was so much fun.

PERFUME SMELLING: We had six different kinds of body spray (we used fruity flavors such as orange lemon apple etc) and sprayed one on each cotton ball. Each girl got to smell a cotton ball and guess what flavor it was. One that was REALLY hard to guess what Mango is because no one had ever smelled mango before!

CUCUMBER STACKING: Again we got into pairs of two. One girl would lay down on the couch and the other would see how many cucumber slices she could stack on her eye (only one eye). One girl got up to 36! This was a lot of fun too and it was funny. And the last game was played was

FASHION MIXUP: We again had two teams two lines two piles. Each pile had a bunch of assorted clothing (we had some of my dad's clothes my mom's clothes and some really ugly clothes we picked up at the thrift store). On the count of three the first person was blindfolded and then ran over to their pile and had to put on what she thought was shoes pants shirt and hat and then pose for a picture take it all off and then run back to the line and tag her partner (all of the clothes were really big so we could easily put them on over our own clothes). The first thing you touched in each pile was what you had to wear. This was SO FUNNY! One girl got dressed in a Cat In The Hat hat little "teacher-looking" glasses hot-pink ski pants an old wedding dress and big army combat boots! The first team done won and then we voted on the Worst Outfit (using the pictures we took) and the Best Outfit.

PARTY SNACKS: For snacks we had the smoothies and what my little sister carried around was veggies and dip Ritz crackers with cheese on them chips M&M's little mini candy bars and chocolate dipped "spa-berries". We also had what was left sitting around  during the party so they could snack whenever they wanted. For breakfast my mom made pancakes we had fruit and drank orange juice. For lunch we had pizza which was good because everyone likes it.

CAKE: We got an ice cream cake and it said Happy 12th B-day Callie! On it. We also had cupcakes for anyone who didn't like cake.

FAVORS: For favors we had little Bon-Bon nail polishes a bodyspray (look at Dollar Tree) a mini lipgloss a bath poof thing one bath fizz lots of candy their homemade lip gloss and some mini bubble bath. They were all in purple or yellow containers we found at Dollar General.

Over all this party was a GREAT success! I would do it again in like a HEARBEAT! It was inexspensive (most of the stuff we had or found at Dollar Tree) VERY fun and everyone is wanting me to help them plan their party now. It was GREAT! =D"

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