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Spa Day Party

Overnight Spa -6yr- Fantastic Fingers Tantalizing Toes




Kenna in Tooele, UT USA


May 2004


Special Mention

For my daughters 6th birhtday party I wanted to get away from the traditional barbie/princesses party.  I came up with the idea of having an "Overnight Spa and retreat" for my daughter and 7 of her friends. 

First we made the invitations with scrapbook supplies from Close to My Heart.  The card was folded horzontially and decorated on the front w. a soft flower paper.  I punched to hole in the top and ran raffa through the holes and made a bow and then a glued a cute button on the top.  I then tied a tag that was stamped that said "Lets have a sleepover"  Inside the card the invitation read; "You have been invited to an exclusive overnight spa and retreat in honor of KyLee Wilson's 6th birthday party"

The invitation then listed all pertaint information and at the bottom it read, "This spa and retreat is in your honor for being such a great friend.  Please come dressed in a plain t-shirt, shorts and slippers.  Light refreshments will be served"  I also made coupons to give with the invitations.  The invitations were for 3 different events such as, "Muddy Faces and Cool Cucumber Eyes", "Fantastic Fingers and Tantalizing Toes", and "Cooky Curles and Fancy Do's" The girls were were required to bring the coupons to the party. 

A couple of days before the party I went and bought gift bags from a local dollar store.  I happened to find a bath set that had a face scrubber, a bandanna, and body sponge all in a cute bag for a dollar.  I also bought 8 finger nail files, 8 little bottle of lotions, some cute scunchies, and little bottles of finger nail polish.  Each bag came to about 5 dollars each once they were put together. The day of the party I hung a poster board on our front door that read; "Wilson Spa and Retreat" This was also the name of the location of the party on the invitation and on the front of the coupons.  The party was set for Friday night at 7:00 p.m. When the girls arrived, I had set my kitchen table up in my front room, and this is where they checked in.  I gave them their little bag and also I name tag. 

Once all the girls were there, I split them up into 3 different groups.  I had two of my friends help me with the party and each was assigned to a different station. 

The first station was "Fantastic Fingers and Tantalizing Toes.  In this room the girls sat on little chairs and each girl had their on foot soaker.  While their feet were soaking my friend painted their fingers with their own finger nail polish that was in their bag.  When she was done with their fingers, she then dried off their feet and she painted their toes.  My friend put a little bath oil in each of the foot soakers, so the girls could get the full manicure/pedicure experience. 

The second station was "Muddy Faces and Cool Cucumber Eyes". In this section the girls laid in lawn chairs and I put cool cream all over their faces.  I then applied two small cucumbers to their eyes and asked them to just lay and relax.  They had a lot of fun and giggled because they had food on their face! While the girls were "relaxing" it gave me an oppurtunity to run into the other rooms and take pictures.  Once the girls were all done, I washed off their faces with the face scrubbers that were in their bags and I laid them out on the table to dry.  The next day when the girls left I put the scrubbers back in their bags. 

The final stop was the "Cooky Curles and Fancy Do's.  In this rotation, my friend asked them what type of hairstyle they would like.  Once she was completed, she finished up their hair with the scrunchie that was in their bag.  Once the girls were done they went downstairs to the snack bar.  Before the girls arrived I placed some play money in their bags so they could use it to purhcase items from the snack bar. 

Prior to the party I made a food sign that listed the prices for all the snacks that I purchased for the party. I bought really easy food like, cheese puffs, pretzels, popcorn, cheese crackers, and we made cupcakes prior to the party.  We also made Kool-Aid smoothies. The girls had a fun time placing their own orders and counting out the money.  It was also a good learning experience about how money works.  Once all the orders were given out, and while the girls ate their food, my daughter opened up her presents. 

After the girls were done eating and presents were open they all went downstairs changed into the p.j, jumped into their sleeping bags and watched movies.  It was a busy night, and it was amazing how fast they went to sleep!!

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