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Snowman Party

Snowgirl Birthday -4yr- Snowman Bowling Game




Mary in Oak Hill, VA


January 2006



Snowgirl birthday 

My daughter loves playing outside and for the past two birthdays has asked for an outdoor party but it has always been too cold and snowy.  This year for her 4th birthday, we decided to embrace the snow.

The decorations were easy.  I got white crepe paper and streamed it all over the house and dangled snowflakes from the ceiling.  To make the snowflakes, I traced some patterns off the Internet and cut the snowflakes out of white cardboard.  A little colored glitter glue on the flakes splashed color and fun in the room.  Snowman figurines from Christmas were perfect accents.  Tableware (plates, cups, napkins, tablecloths) were very inexpensive since all the holiday stuff, including snowman-themed items, was 50%-off after Christmas. 

The games were a hit!  And age appropriate.  Pin the nose on the snowman, snowman bowling and snowman, snowman where's your nose. 

The snowman in the pin the nose on the snowman was made of 1 yd. white batting from the fabric store.  I cut out and attached construction paper eyes, buttons, hat and mouth.  A real scarf was tied around his neck.  The carrot noses were orange triangles with Velcro glued to the back. 

Snowman bowling was an idea that I got walking around the dollar store, which had 10 in. snowman tree toppers on sale for 50 cents (which I couldn't make for that price).  I bought three and used a small 6 in. rubber ball for the kids to knock over.  A big hit! 

And, the snowman where's your nose game was fashioned after doggie, doggie where's your nose, but instead the words were "Snowman, snowman where's your nose.  Somebody stole it and your clothes" 

The cake was a masterpiece and the table centerpiece.  I had a 3D teddy bear pan, which I lobbed off the nose and rounded the face with icing. The hat was a cupcake stuck between the ears with icing.  The ears became the base of the brim of the hat.   

To go with the cake, I made snowman heads out of ice cream.  Scooped balls of vanilla ice cream and rolled in either graham cracker crumbs or coconut flakes, eyes were made of M&Ms, baby carrot noses and a red licorice string for a mouth.  The hat was an upside down ice cream cone with colored icing.  The craft was a foam snowman picture frame ornament that I picked up at the craft store.  The kids glued on the face of the snowman.  We took pictures of all the kids, printed them out and stuck them on the snowman's belly. 

The goodie bags were filled with items to build your own snowman.  I included a 99 cent black top hat and plastic bubble pipe from the party store and a plastic carrot nose from the craft store.  The eyes were wooden balls that we spray painted black to look like coal.  In order to get the carrot noses and wooden eyeballs to stick in the snow, we glued on wooden pegs.  I also included a snowman poem about building snowmen and added a chocolate snowman and hot cocoa for a treat for hungry snowman/girl builders.

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