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Snowman Party

Winter Snowman Party - Snowman Cookies




Benita in Troy, NY USA


July 2002


Honorable Mention

This is for a winter/snow party! I've had a snowman party. It's soo easy.

You could make snow many invitations, just make snowmen out of white construction paper, cut a double sheet out and that way you can open it up and the second sheet will still be a snowman.

Activities: We brought snow in the HOUSE!! I had flat plastic boxes (that you get at Wal-Mart) already filled with snow that I just left outside til it was time for the activity. I had 'bring your mittens!' written inside the invitation and then a couple pairs of extra mittens on hand for those who forget.

Then, I brought the snow in and set it on our Little Tykes Table in the house. I threw a towel underneath to soak up spills. I threw in a bunch of little toys, measuring spoons, reg spoons, cups, etc. (have them in a bag so they're all ready).

Then for the cake!!!! I made a great snowman cake that was sooo easy! You just make 3 rounds, all diff sizes, depending on how many people you have. You use white frosting (make sure it's not vanilla otherwise you will have YELLOW SNOW!!!!!!! OH NO!!!! LOL We did that and I had to frost over it with white!) Then after it's all frosted, you sprinkle it all over with coconut for the snow. It looks great! I used black candy rounds for the eyes, and a carrot for the nose (just cut off one til it's short). The raisins for the mouth. Use candy like gumdrops for the buttons.  Black construction paper for the hat. You just cut out a circle for the top and make another circle taped together for the middle part. And pretzel rods for the arms!!!! It's soo cute! Everyone loved it and it looked like I spent a lot of money on it!

Another activity is to have them make snowman cookies. Just use 2 diff size rounds for each 'snowperson' so they're not eating too much junk food. You can have them decorate it with white frosting and coconut and then let them use sprinkles and candy (from the bins at the grocery store) to decorate them. Or you can have hot chocolate (homemade)and let them sprinkle in all kinds of stuff. We did that once too and had crushed candy cane, whip cream, candy kisses, peppermint patties and whatever else you want to add. It's great and takes up a lot of time!

For the opening of presents: I sat them in a circle and played music, the kids all pass around the presents and when the music stops (hubby can keep stopping them music, which is "Frosty the Snowman!"), which ever present the birthday child is holding is the one she/he gets to open! Kids love this because they want the birthday child to open theirs first! The kids had a blast here with that and now I always recommend that and do that ourselves.

For party bags, you can either have them make their own (use as a different activity of making snowpeople on little white bags and decorating them), then they get filled before they leave.

A real blast, for all ages! Plus it can be 2-3+ hours! Have fun! Benita

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