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Snowman Party

Frosty Party -6yr- Texas Snow




Karen in Kemp, Tx


March 2007



When my son was in first grade, he was obsessed with snowmen probably because living in TEXAS, we never get to build them!!

Since his birthday is in December, I thought it would be fun to have a snowman themed birthday party.

We made some assembly required" snowmen - three graduated circles of white card stock black hole punches orange triangle nose and hats - wrote the info on the pieces and put them loose into the envelopes. The guests got to "build" their snowman invitations when they received them!

We had a room in our house that had no furniture four walls floor and ceiling so we turned it into a winter wonderland! I strung white twinkle lights back and forth across the ceiling to cover it. They were the only lights we used. I borrowed large cardboard building blocks from church and covered them in white paper to make blocks of ice! I bought three large bags of packaging popcorn (white of course) and poured it all over the floor for "snow". We all wadded lots of white paper to make "snowballs" The kids played in that room for two hours!! They built ice forts had snowball fights made snow angels - which really worked! We played soft Christmas music and the soft glow of the Christmas lights on all that white really made it look like snow (especially after the popcorn had been played in and pulverized into billions of tiny, tiny pieces!).

A friend of mine has a cake business and she made a stunning "Frosty" cake for us with handmade delicate snowflakes - each one was different! The party was so simple low budget and a HUGE hit!! That night we watched "Frosty the Snowman".

It was a wonderful day!

Word of caution... tiny, tiny pieces of pulverized packaging popcorn (say THAT ten times real fast!) still cling to corners and crevices in that room. They LOVE static! You CAN'T sweep them and the vacuum creates more static! It's well worth it but be prepared for tricky clean-up!! :)"

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