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Snowman Party

Snowman Theme Party -10yr- Snowman Charades




Dianne in Akron, NY


February 2001


Honorable Mention

Snowman Theme 

This worked out great for my 10 year old daughter and her 10 friends.

The cake was a snowball Angel food with whipped topping and coconut. We also had make your own sundaes.

While the guests were arriving they decorated a plain white lunch bag for their goodies to take home which consisted of candy, snowman stickers, snowman pencils a packet of hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows in a zip lock bag  and the snowman magnet they made for a craft-game.  I pre-cut out of fun foam all the pieces needed for a snowman.  White head and body, orange nose, black mouth.  I cut out of different colored felt scarves and hats.  We used wiggly eyes and "real buttons" for buttons. 

Then we played the game to see who could get all the pieces of their snowman first by rolling of a dice.  Roll a 1 for the head a 2 for the body 3 for the eyes and so on.  The first child to get all the pieces is the winner and then they get to glue it all together. (Aleene's tacky glue works great)  We continued to play until everyone had all their pieces of the snowman which included a magnet for the back. The girls loved it!

We also played balloon charades.  I blew up balloons and before tying inserted a piece of paper with  winter activities written on it such as sledding, shoveling and building a snowman.  The children took turns popping their balloons and acting out their activity for the others to guess.  It was a blast to see the kids trying to pop their balloons by sitting and jumping on them.  (no teeth)

After games, food, cake and presents I sent them all outside with their own food coloring spray bottles to color their snow angels and snowmen.  We ended up with beautiful tie-dyed snowmen and snow angels!

A party we'll all remember!

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