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Snow White Party

Snow White Party -4yr- Musical Statues




Anna in Macclesfield, Vic. Australia


October 2010



Category- Activities  My daughter asked to have her 4th birthday themed on the Snow White Fairytale and so I looked to the story for ideas on how the day would run.

The first activity was mirror decorating.  This allowed the guests to arrive and settle in.  I had a carpenter friend cut the mirror templates out of MDF and I stuck in the mirrors prior to the party.  I also spray painted the backs of them pink and the front silver and tied a pink ribbon onto the base of the handle.  I bought jewels and tiny dolls for the children to glue onto the mirrors.  They looked absolutely fabulous and were a great hit. 

When they had finished,  I gathered the children and with a large picture enhanced book, read the start of the story, therefore introducing Snow White, The Wicked Queen and why the mirrors were so important.  Next, I read a small section describing Snow White finding the dwarfs cottage and the daily business of the dwarfs. 

So this led into the next activity of a jewel hunt.  Prior to the party, I had filled up noodle boxes with aquarium sand and in each box had individually wrapped with celophane a necklace, a lip gloss ring and two gold chocolate coins.  For the couple of younger brother siblings attending, so they were included, a box marked with prince containing the chocolate money and a whistle were also done.  The children tipped their boxes out into a large play shell and found their treasure.  I had pre-named loot bags on the party table and told the children to put their treasure in them so they would not get lost.  This them ended up being a good time to have something to eat. 

Next,I read an excerpt detailing the queens' plan to change her identity and make the poisoned apples.  With this, I had had a large pot set up with a dry ice in the bottom and a colander within.  I brought out a jug of hot water with red food dye in and said we were going to make the magic potion.  I tipped it in and let the reaction begin.   I then asked each child to take an apple from a basket and drop it into the pot.  I said we would soon check the apples and see if our spell had worked.  While someone else was changing normal apples over for toffee apples, I read the passage on how Snow White and the Dwarfs had a party and danced. 

So then, we played musical statues.  As each child went out, they got a sticker sheet and the winner received a disney princess item.  They then retrieved their 'poisoned' apples.  Of course 'pass the parcel' had to be included, so that was the next game, (making sure a boys present was wrapped in boys paper).  I then read how Snow White was in a death like sleep and woke up to the princes' kiss and lived happily ever after.  So, for the children to become princesses, they had to walk from one side of the room to the other with a plastic plate balanced on their head.  Awaiting them was a tiara and a Snow White Chocolate I had made. 

The last game played signified a celebration and the children had to keep a balloon off the ground.  As they went out, I gave them a little bottle of bubbles.  The winner also received another princess present.  As the two left in the game were older and not going out, they had to put one hand behind their back.  This hurried things along a bit. 

We then sang happy birthday and cut the cake.  The cake was chocolate and shaped into the dwarfs' cottage.  There were the figurines around it, some birds, a deer and a river made out of blue jelly. It looked great and just what my daughter had wanted. I had disney princess plates etc. for the children and some other Snow White decorations to support the theme. My daughter was wore a Snow White dress. I think everyone enjoyed the party- parents included.

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