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Snow White Party

Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Party -2yr- Beard & Hat




Carrie in Mayfield, KY


July 2011



My 2 year old daughter, Emily, fell in love with Snow White after she met her on a Disney cruise. She loves everything about the movie and loves to act out the movie. For her 3rd birthday, we decorated all things Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs!   First, we bought a Snow White dress for $3 at a consignment sale.   Next, we bought all the dwarfs at the Disney Store on clearance for less than $5 each.   We ordered invitations on ETSY using a picture that I took of her in the Snow White dress and her the dwarfs.

For decorations, I tacked two red plastic tablecloths to the wall and taped yellow glitter polka dots (using a circle punch and glitter scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby). I created a title from blue poster board and cut them into big circles. On the circles, I cut out EMILY is 3! in yellow glitter scrapbook paper. I found Snow White plastic wall hangings for $1 each! I put a long table in front with a yellow plastic table skirt.  

When young guests arrived, they were given a beard and a hat. To make the beards, I glued cotton to some felt and attached an elastic cord to both sides. For the hats, I bought bandanas and applied fabric glue to resemble a hat.   A magic mirror craft table was set up in my daughter’s room. Each girl selected a pre-painted red, yellow or blue mirror and decorated the outside with glitter stickers and jewels. Boys were given a cardboard sword and decorated it with glitter stickers and jewels.  

The kid table was decorated with a blue tablecloth, yellow plates and red cups. Shredded green paper was placed in the middle of the table to resemble grass and red apples were placed in the grass and in a clear trifle bowl in the middle of the table. On the wall I hung a yellow plastic tablecloth with red glitter polka dots and a plastic Snow White wall hanging. I printed a title on the computer that said Mirror Mirror on the Wall Who is the Fairest One of All? I made a mirror by cutting an oval out of aluminum foil. 

The menu was: Dopey’s Doritos, Happy’s Hamburgers, Sleepy’s Sandwiches, Sneezy’s Sixlets, Grumpy’s Gummies, Bashful’s Brownies, Doc’s Drink (lemonade), The Queen’s Apple (cupcakes in the shape of an apple), Prince’s Pizzas and Snow White’s Strawberries (chocolate covered). A label was placed beside each plate with the title and a picture of the character. I also bought red, white and clear rock candy and made chocolate covered pretzel sticks with yellow melts and red and blue sprinkles to add to the table. 

Songs from Snow White played on a cd player while everyone ate.   After we ate, I mixed the Queen’s Magic Potion using a cauldron, water, vinegar and baking soda to make a bubble effect. The kids loved it!  

The highlight of the party was the dwarf mine! I decorated her playroom with over 1000 newspaper filled brown paper bags to resemble rocks. I hid ring pops, plastic coins and plastic diamond rings. The kids were all given yellow pails with their names on them. They got to search through the rocks to find their diamonds and coins. The Dig Dig Dig part of the movie was playing on the tv while they were hunting. After everything was found, the kids jumped in the rocks until they were flat. They had so much fun burying their friends.  

Next, Emily opened gifts while the kids watched and ate their ring pop.  For party favors, each kid took home the beard, hat, pail, rings and coins from the dwarf mine hunt, rock candy and a whistle.

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