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Snow White Party

Snow White Party - Make Caramel Apples




Jessica in Santa Ana, CA Unites States


August 2008


Honorable Mention

Snow White B-day Party 

Invitations: #1: Take a picture of The B-day girl in her Snow White costume, using Photoshop, place the image on top of a picture of the Magic Kingdom. type out the wording for her invitation: I'm wishing. You can print on 4x6 photo paper (can have it printed anywhere) and then backed the photos on red cardstock. For a final touch we can create tiny red bows from ribbon. Using glue dots, attach the red bows on top of Natalie's head on the picture to make it look like Snow White's red bow. On the back, You could come to my Snow White B-day party! Then put: High Ho high Ho it's off to Natalie's party we go!  Where: The Cottage (your address) Attire: Please wear your best princess attire. Rsvp To the Queen if you dare. It will make us, not Grumpy, not Sleepy, not Bashful, but Happy if you can come.and we can add a small picture of each dwarf next to their name.

Food: *Cake: you can buy a Snow White Barbie Doll and take the torso off, and a bakery can make her dress out of cake. 

*For Snacks you can do Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches and use flower shaped cookie cutters to shape them. You can cut bread, and do the same with Ham and cheese so the kids can build their own sandwiches. If you can't find a cookie cutter, you can always buy a stamp of Snow White and stamp the Bread so it leaves an imprint of Snow White. You can serve tiny marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles.

*Dwarf Food: mini pizzas, mini hot dogs, mini muffins etc. for the kids, of course you can serve something else for the adults and the kids can drink Witch potion we can just add food coloring to 7up.

*We can also let the kids make Caramel Apples, or we can just make them the night before and wrap them in Red cellophane, and put them in a basket and have the kids take one.    Décor: * We can create a children's table that looks like Snow Whites dress, we can use a yellow table cloth, and put a blue one on as a second layer. We can go to the fabric store and buy red sparkly fabric and put a medium square of it in the center. *Scene Setters: Party City sells these, Orientaltrading.com does too.  You can put this on a wall and buy the Snow White decal to put on it.

Games/Activities: #1: Mining for Gold and Jewels with the 7 Dwarfs - Purchase some jewels, plastic gold rings and plastic gold coins and ring pops and organza bags. Fill up a plastic swimming pool with play sand that (from Home Depot).  Hide the jewels, coins and jewelry in the sand. Using sand sifter toys the kids can then sift for gold and jewels. The treasures they collect can be put into their organza bags and take their treasures home.

#2: Making a Magic Mirror- We can buy some mirrors (either foam or plastic). We can have the kids decorate the mirrors, with stickers, rhinestones and foam.  We can buy Swords from (orientaltrading.com) and have the boys decorate those. 

#3: Making magic potion- in the Queen's cauldron.  Buy a witch's pot out of the Halloween stuff, and we can use this recipe for Natalie's Birthday Potion. It can included: Pond Water (water), Mummy Dust (baking soda), and Monster Tears (Vinegar). The magic words were Happy Birthday!" When you pour the vinegar into the water and baking soda the potion foams and bubbles up everywhere! Fun! 

#4: Don't bite the apple!!!: I wanted to do a bobbing for apples but it can get messy so I thought that we could tie apples to string and hang them somewhere. We can have the kids pair up and which ever couple finishes the apples first (can't use their hands) win.  

Goodie Bags/Candy: *Candy: Ring Pops Princess Gummies *Goodie Bags: you can use little baskets. And add different goodies. "

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