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Snow White Party

Snow White Party 3yr - Make a Magic Mirror




Nicole in Allen, TX USA


May 2007



Snow White Princess Party 3 year Old My daughter's all time favorite movie is Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Two months before the party, we got to work planning this very exciting party!

Invitations: I took a photo of my daughter in her Snow White Costume. Using Photoshop, I extracted her from the photo. Again using Photoshop, I placed the extracted image on top of a picture we took from the Magic Kingdom. We then typed out the wording for her invitation. You can see the actual photo invitation here at http://www.geocities.com/nicleblanc74.  I printed the invitation out on our home photo printer on a 4x6 photo paper (can have it printed anywhere) and then backed the photos on red cardstock. For a final touch I created tiny red bows from ribbon. Using glue dots, I attached the red bows on top of my daughter's head on the picture to make it look like Snow White's red bow. This last detail made the invitation look so darling!

Party Activities: Activity One: Mining for Gold and Jewels with the 7 Dwarfs - I purchased some jewels, plastic gold rings and plastic gold coins from The US Toy Company. I went to the store nearby, but you can also order online at http://www.ustoyco.com. I also purchased mesh drawstring bags from the same place. I filled up two plastic swimming pools with play sand that I got from Home Depot. I purchased some sand sifter toys and threw them in the sand box. I hid the jewels and gold coins in the sand.  The children then sifted for gold and jewels. The treasures they collected were put into their mesh bags. They got to take their treasures home. They absolutely loved it!

Activity Two: Making a Magic Mirror I purchased some foam princess mirrors from Hobby Lobby. The maker is Creative Hands. I put together little baggies for each child filled with glitter glue, rhinestones, foam letters to spell their name out and colorful cotton pom-poms. Each child decorated their magic mirror. They had such fun and also took these the mirrors home.

Entertainer: We hired a Snow White Entertainer to come to the party. She played games with the children and painted their faces. This, of course, was a huge hit! Cake: For the cake, I purchased a Snow White Barbie doll. I took off her head and attached it to the Wilton Barbie doll pick. I took the Snow White pick to a baker in town. She created the famous dome dress cake using our very Snow White! It was a hit as well!

Party Favors: My Dollar Store in town had numerous Princess items. I wrapped it all in cellophane bags, tied it with red ribbon and labeled the favors with each child's name! Gotta love those Dollar stores! My daughter had a blast at her Snow White Party. It was worth all the work and time!

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