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Snow White Party

Snow White Party 4yr - Seven Dwarf Hats




Cathy in Butler, NJ USA


May 2006



Snow White Theme Party for a 4 year old in the month of May!  1. The party started with the musical balloon toss, where I filled a clear latex star balloon with green and red apple cut outs of card stock and then blew the balloon up with an air pump.  The music started to play the "Heigh Ho" dwarf song as each child passed the clear balloon around to one another.  Each time the music stopped a red balloon would be added, again filled by an air pump.  Each of the girls wore a different colored dwarf hat that I made out of felt from the craft store.  The girls loved their hats as much as the game.  No one was left out and each girl received a sheet of snow white stickers and a ring.  

2. Next was the 4 Ft. wishing well made out of card board in which was purchased online and I decorated it to look like stones and decorated the roof with ivy and flowers which flowed down both side poles.  The well had a workable pail that could be lowered and raised, which was filled with snow white mirrors.  I put felt on the bottom of the pail then filled the pail with snow white mirrors as their prize and covered the mirrors with paper that looks like water. The bottom of the well was covered in the same paper then had tiny decorative stones to top it off. This was made into a game where each child lined up to play the princess hopscotch.  Each child tossed the heart marker and whatever number it landed on they skipped to that number and tossed a plastic coin into the well.  I had someone lower the pail into the well and raise the pail where each child was surprised to get a snow white mirror. 

3. BBQ lunch with hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and hotdogs were served with berry juice for the girls.  The girls had the Snow White theme party plates and napkins with red kid cups.  While the adults had blue colored party plates and cups which matched the table cloth. 

4. Sand art followed where each child received their own flower container and a funnel to fill with 5 different colored sand and plugged when they were done.  I put each colored sand into a plastic container where it would be more accessable for the kids to reach with 2 plastic spoons in each container. 

5. The Snow White Pinata was a big hit with the girls.  I filled the pinata with different flavored candy suckers, star bursts, and sweet tarts.  The kids searched for the last piece of candy and a group photo was taken. 6. Time to open up the presents that were given to the princess of the day. 7. Then the ice cream cake was decorated with a poseable snow white and the 7 dwarf figurines, also found online.  The birthday girl blew out the number 4 candle and then cake was served.      Everyone had a great time and I was pleased with the outcome of the party!

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