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Snow White Party

Snow White 3yr - Pass the Poison Apple




Carrie in Livermore,Ca


July 2005


Honorable Mention

Snow White 3rd Birthday Party

The invitations had a picture of my daughter dressed as Snow White with Snow White.Inside I attached the info:High Ho high Ho it's off to Carly's party we go.Where"the Cottage(our adress)attire:Please wear your best princess attire.We ended with, Rsvp To the Queen if you dare.We added some clip art of the dwarfs and the Queen.I made a refrig. box into a castle and wrapped the top with tulle.I made a crown and attached jewls all around it to the top of the castle that said Happy Birthday Carly.

When the girls arrived(all dresses as princesses)I gave them a choices of glitter hair spray,glitter lotion,lip gloss then we went outside for pictures and to play in the castle.Then we came inside for a circle time.There I read them a story of Snow White letting them interject and help me tell the story.Then I used a Disney Party DVD to help me with a "Follow the Dwarfs and Snow White" song and game.Then I used"Princess tea for Two"cd and led them in a song "Snow White bakes a cake and Dance with a Princess.

Then we played "Pass the poision apple" and when some one got the apple everyone  yelled"Yeah Princess" as she stood up.Then everyone went outside to a table to make "Magic Mirrors".I bought simple plastic mirrors at the dollar store and princess stickers for them to decorate them with.We also had a bowling type game where you try to knock the clowns hats off,so we called it "Dwarf bowling".While this was going on I was setting up the Tea party.

I made PBJ and stamped the wonder bread with a Snow White Playdough stamp making an imprint of her face.I also made tiny lemon curd sanwiches in the shape of a star and turkey in the shape of a flower.I also cut watermelon in the shape of stars as well.We served tiny marshmallows dipped in chocolate and sprinkles too.(All the food was made the day before and I just was setting it all out)My Table was all Snow White Party products the cups were plastic tea cups(from Birthday express)I had the party table in the living room,it was my coffee table.

The little girls loved asking for More tea please.I served Sparkling Lemon aid as "TEA"for the Mommies I served cranberry and Pecan salad,chocolate dipped strawberries and scones.As the girls were eating we talked about "princess manners and listened to the "Princess tea for two"CD.After the lunch we did a princess pinata and came in for cake.For a cake we purchased a Princess castle cake from the grocery store.

While the were eating "Snow White" called to wish Carly a Happy Birthday.We put it on speaker phone and the girls were all so amazed.Our Son said, "I think the Dwarfs must have told her.:)"You can book the exact call time and princess on www.disneyprincess.com.Then we opened gifts and said goodbye.The goodie bags were a handle brown bag with a Snow White clip art attached.Inside I put a little lip gloss set,wand,candy necklace,their candy from pinata and their magic mirrors.This all costing about five dollars a girl.I had 7 girls total mostly all 3yrs old.

The other things I used for decorations were a Disney Princess Tea set and a Snow White tea set as well as Princess books and toys around each table(Stuff I already had).As a thank you card I attached a group picture of all the girls in front of the castle and inside I stamped Snow White and added a little note.The girls had a great time and so did "the Mommies".

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